Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Blue

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Blue

This is the review of the Mac Sports Collapsible Folding outdoor utility Wagon, blue one of the best wagon for outdoor activities

Planning on taking the kids out to the beach but are concerned on how to carry around their many toys? Planning to go fishing or camping but you need something to carry around the gear as you do what you love best?

The Mac sports outdoor utility wagon has you in mind. It’s designed to easily fit into small spaces and can be easily dismantled when you get to that camp site. You do not have to carry an extra set of tools or spend needless hours while you could be having fun.


Easy storage

This wagon can easily be dismantled and assembled back in minutes. It also occupies very little space when you want to transport it; it easily fits into your motor vehicle. This makes camping trips easier.

It folds easily and does not need bolts and nuts to dismantle it.

It is also made of a lightweight material that makes it very easy to carry around.

Durable Fabric

The wagon is made up of a long lasting fabric that does not tear easily. This fabric is also easy to clean and can handle a load of up to 150 pounds.

This fabric can last for years without the need to replace it. It also does not get dirty easily making it quite ideal for those trips to the beach. And in case you spot some dirt just use a dump clothe to clean it.

Adjustable handle

This handle lets you choose between pushing and pulling the wagon. For those very long people, the handle is made with you in mind as you can easily adjust it to accommodate different heights.

All terrain Wheels

The wheels can be used over most terrains dirt, rocky or sandy beaches. The front wheels can do 360 degree turns giving you a lot flexibility when moving heavy objects.

The wheels are also strong enough to handle bulky and heavy loads. The rubber can handle pricks from nails and any sharp objects

You also do not need a pump for the wheels as they are made of durable rubber. They also evenly distribute the weight making pulling this wagon way easier.

Netting pouches

This allow for easy storage of water bottles, keys, phones and small objects. This is conveniently within your grasp so that you can access them on the go.

Beautiful Design

The wagon is beautifully designed with an attractive blue color that matches your surroundings. The steel bars are rust resistant and can withstand tough weather conditions. So do not worry about spoiling the wagon when you are camping.


  • Can carry loads of up to 150 pounds
  • Can be assembled in minutes
  • Adjustable handle for better maneuverability
  • Can be easily folded and fit in well in its carry bag storage.
  • Wheels do not need inflation.
  • Durable wheels to handle nails and any sharp objects.


This wagon is designed for those people who enjoy outdoor activities and are concerned about storage. The ease at which the wagon can be folded makes it easy to carry and store

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