Despite there being different types of lawnmowers like the push lawn mower, the electric lawnmower and the Rotary lawnmower among others, we will focus solely on the riding lawnmower or the lawn tractors. Adopting the latter for your lawn is completely a personal choice, as it can be used on either a small or a large parcel of lawn.

Lawn mowing is the science of enhancing the cosmetic appearance of your lawn, a beautifully manicured lawn is no doubt a sight to behold and mind you it’s not just about planting and cutting grass. There is more to an attractive lawn than meets the eye, and that is why some people prefer to use the artificial turf grass that demands little attention.

The design that you use to mow your lawn has much to do with how the grass will appear from a distance, for example, if you continuously mow in one direction then your grass will flow on that side, the reason why you need to adopt different mowing styles. There are different types of lawn grass, and at times you might be forced to mix two species to get the required thickness and rich green color.

Now our aim is to provide you with comprehensive information when it comes to the Riding lawn Mower. There are many lawn tractors for the money in the market, ones that are very effective and others that have more cons than pros. So what we do is simplify the process for you and give you the opportunity to make the best choice when it comes to choosing a riding lawn mower for your lawn.

So how did we come about the best lawn tractor for the money, well we do have a guiding principle when it comes to content creation and one is to provide our users with the most relevant and comprehensive information possible? To this end, thorough research is carried out first with regards to the different types of gardens and a mower that would be suitable to work in such a garden.

As we might all agree the earth is not even and there are some people who have uneven terrain, they therefore, have a hard time finding a suitable lawn tractor for their lawns. But solutions abound nonetheless, and they can, therefore, adopt a riding lawn mower with a low center of gravity. Another important factor to consider is whether you want a diesel or a petrol lawn tractor.

For professionals in the lawn mowing industry, the difference is quite obvious because a tractor that uses diesel to run turns out to have more torque and are usually cheaper to run. Petrol tractors on the other hand, might have you breaking the bank for maintenance, though they are not that expensive to purchase.

You will also find that some lawn tractors come with steering wheels while others have levers. People, therefore, do have different tastes and preferences, there are those that might prefer to use the lever lawn tractor because they want a different feel than that of riding a car. Others would prefer to use the steering wheel lawn mower, well because they enjoy the comfort and ease that is associated with driving a car.

Thus operating the tractor would be easy and they might even take less time than estimated. A Tractor lawn mower is not something that you will be replacing after every few months, or even 1 or 2 years. It is an investment that should give you a long service and part of the reason why we do background research for you.

What’s more, a good lawn mower should not be prone to repairs every other time, maintenance is a normal procedure but replacing parts in a new mower can be costly. However, the above also depends on how you manage your mower, maintenance, of course, is of prime importance but you should also care for it and that is if you want a long service.

A lawn tractor should thus last you at least up to ten years, but don’t be surprised if they exceed that. A common question from lawn owners that is at times difficult to answer is when someone asks you, which is the best riding lawnmower. The question is simple and also difficult to answer, why? you may ask. Well for starters when choosing a lawn tractor the type of terrain in your lawn has much to contribute.

And it may be difficult to answer because we are not conversant with your type of terrain, and an easy answer will be to select the best in our list and recommend it to you for purchase. On the other hand, there are those people that would prefer a lawn tractor with a rear engine and those that would want one with a front-engine.

However, if you want comfort, relaxation, and ease when mowing then the best lawn tractor will be one that has a rear engine. There is also the speed factor, and here you have the option of choosing a mower that can give you different mowing speeds (hydrostatic) or one that comes with only one level of speed.

In essence, is that the speed of a lawnmower largely depends on the model of the lawn tractor, and the most common forward speeds are up to 5 ½ miles per hour. However, in the current riding lawnmower market the Husqvarna Fast Tractor is considered the fastest, as it covers up to 8 mph of speed. The latter doesn’t fall far off from the ZTR mowers because they also do have speeds of up to 7 miles per hour.

What is the difference between a garden tractor and a garden mower?

The most basic and primary difference between the two is that lawn tractors are mostly used to mow grass, whereas the garden tractors will mow grass, tow heavy equipment, grade driveways and even clear snow. Another not very common difference is where the cutting deck is located; the garden mowers do have their cutting deck under the front of the vehicle.

Whereas the garden tractors have the cutting deck mounted in the mid part of the vehicle.

What is the difference between a Zero Turn and a Garden Tractor?

For starters the garden tractors do have steering wheels, a thing that cannot be said for the Zero-turn mowers that have two handles used to control the mowers. The pattern of mowing is also different, a zero-turn is able to turn and cut the grass around barriers, a feature that makes them convenient to use when compared to the riding mowers.

Types of Riding Lawn Mowers for the money

Now before we look at the different types of riding lawn mowers, let me just give you a small reminder that they do come in three different types, first, we have the rear engine mower, then there are the tractors that can mow both the garden and the lawn, and lastly, there is the Zero turning radius.

The rear engine mower

Image result for the rear engine lawn mower

The above pictured rear engine mower has more pros than cons when compared to other front-engine mowers. There are some basics of handling this type of mower, and first is that you should ensure that you drain its gas tank before storage.

Now when it comes to storage you don’t have to worry about space because it can be stored on end, in which case it will stand on its wheels and rear deck, but be sure to remove the battery first for safety.

The position of the engine of the rear engine mower ensures that gas fumes do not distract you from carrying out your duties, you will, therefore, take less time to complete a given task.

The rear engine mower also comes with a variety of attachments like the baggers the adjustable height blades and the mulchers. What’s more is that you could adjust the height of the blades, as much as you deem appropriate because you have up to nine-blade height settings.

The beauty of using the rear engine doesn’t end there, as you can also use it to spread the clippings out in the lawn and once you mow there is no need of going back to clean up.

The last option that should always be a bother to your mind once you adopt a rear engine mower is that it should be maintained. You could thus sharpen and clean the blades, lubrication is also necessary and here the blade attachments should be your starting point followed by the wheels and lastly the steering column.

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The Zero Turning Radius

Image result for the zero turning radius amazon

So what makes the zero-turn radius a good mower, let’s find out. From the above image, it is quite apparent that there is an ease in maneuverability, which will help increase efficiency. In simple terms is that you will move from forward to reverse with ease and that is one of the reasons that make the zero-turn stand out from its competitors.

Professionals in the mowing industry know how hard it can be sometimes to wiggle to the front and back just to mow your lawn. Well not for the zero turn because you will be able to turn around even in the tightest of areas.

Zero-turn mowers also tend to have a high speed when it comes to mowing, so you can be sure that you will finish your task in less time. Another advantage is that with the zero-turn, you do get a larger deck, which gives you the option of covering more ground. And even more important is the ease in maneuverability that enables a user to shift direction, turn around and quickly move to different sections in less time.

A zero-turn mower also has the capability of mowing close to obstacles like trees, and even though it might not be able to completely get rid of grass, it does relieve you of the strain of trimming large areas.

The zero-turn mower is where comfort resides because here you have the option of adjusting the weight of your seat, which are by the way comfortable. You will also have the opportunity to use a power steering, so you can rest from fighting with your steering wheel.

For those who want to achieve the perfect cosmetic look in their lawns, the zero-turn is the way to go, as it enables users to easily change mowing directions if they are interested in the stripes.

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The Tractor Lawnmower

Image result for The lawn mowing garden tractors amazon

The tractor types of lawn mowers are also some of the most expensive when compared to other types of lawnmowers. The first advantage that will probably entice you into buying the ride-on lawnmower is that it covers large areas and works at high speeds.

When compared to the stand behind lawn mowers, it is not uncommon that you will use less effort when mowing your lawn in a ride-on lawnmower. The machine also uses a key ignition while the traditional stand behind lawn mower uses the pull cord.

So instead of using too much energy to pull the cord, you will be provided with an ignition that will fire up the tractor lawnmower. What’s more is that you don’t have to worry about hurting your back, an injury that can be easily acquired when you use the pull cord.

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The best garden tractors in 2019

As stated earlier our mission is to help you choose the best tractor for your lawn mowing needs, by providing you with conclusive information on some of the ride-on tractors that we have sampled. However, a complete guide on the best garden tractors in 2019 that are also under 3000 dollars can be accessed here.

You will, therefore, be provided with relevant information on the best tractor to adopt for your specific type of terrain; some tractors also come with different cutting positions. And you will thus have to make a wise choice as concerns your needs; remember to choose as a machine that will give you a long service, the best prices will also be availed to you.