Gorilla Cart Heavy Duty Poly Yard With 2 In 1 Convertible Handle And 1,200-Pound Capacity

Gorilla Cart Heavy Duty Poly Yard

This is the review of the Gorilla Heavy Duty Poly Yard Cart with 2 in 1 convertible handle and 1,200-pound storage, the best hauling cart


This wheelbarrow is designed for hauling heavy loads around the yard. Say, goodbye to double work of loading and offloading sand or gravel, this wheelbarrow comes with large storage capabilities and a patented release feature that lets you offload easily.

It is suitable for those who do light construction works, gardening or any heavy lifting. You can also attach it to your lawn tractor and save yourself the energy of pulling very heavy stuff over very long distances.

It does not only look good on the outside with a beautiful black color, but it doubles up in functionality.

All Terrain Wheels

The wagon comes with 13-inch air filled tires that can handle any terrain with ease. The tires also evenly distribute the wagons load evenly giving you the ability to push and pull the wagon with ease.

The wheels are high enough giving the wagon good ground clearance. This comes in handy when maneuvering rocky and rough terrain.

Large Storage

The wagon can carry loads of up to 1,200 pounds, sufficient enough for your domestic needs. You can also stack up those logs to a height of up to 25 inches.

The wagon is made from a 40 inch by 25-inch poly bed that is strong enough to handle very heavy loads. The poly bed is also rust resistant and requires very little maintenance.

It comes in a beautiful black color that is easy to clean.

Padded Handle

The wagon comes with a padded handle for extra comfort when pulling and pushing this helps you reduce chances of getting blisters and fatigue. The handle is also long enough to accommodate very tall people.

You can also hook the handle to a lawn tractor or ATV; this gives you the ability to pull extra loads over long distances.

Quick Release

A patented quick release feature makes offload very easy; just press the lever, and your contents spill over. This gives you the ability to carry sand or heavy rocks without doing double work with a shovel.

Easy to Assemble

The wheelbarrow is very to assemble as all the nuts and bolts are clearly labeled. With the right tools you can have this wheelbarrow up and running in less than an hour.


  • Large 13-inch wheels that can handle very rough terrain
  • Large storage capacity of up to 1,200 pounds
  • You can stack up logs to a height of 25 inches
  • It is lightweight at 58.6 pounds
  • Large wheels that give you high ground clearance
  • Can be attached to a lawn tractor
  • Patented quick release feature for easy offloading
  • Padded handle for extra comfort


The tires are air filled so there is that chance of you getting a flat tire when you come across sharp objects like nails or thorns.


The wheelbarrow makes carrying very heavy loads easy with its large storage capacity. You can pull the wheelbarrow over short distances with ease, or you can attach it to lawn cart over those long distances. This is a wheelbarrow highly recommended for residential use.

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