Best Wheelbarrow For Landscaping

Best Wheelbarrow For Landscaping

If you are in the business of landscaping, a good wheelbarrow is a necessary tool. It is used to transport your other tools as well as hauling your landscaping materials from one place to another. The best wheelbarrow for landscaping is sturdy, with a decent load capacity and excellent maneuverability!

Choose a wheelbarrow that depending on your needs, budget and environmental conditions.

Best Wheelbarrow for landscaping comparison table

No of wheels
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Workx Aerocart
Marathon Dual Wheel
Jackson M6T22
True Temper 6 Cubic Ft

Worx Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow

This is a small wheelbarrow best suited for landscaping small gardens that don’t require a lot of materials. It’s made of steel and also painted.

The two-wheel design offers superior balance as you do your landscaping. The pan is a bit smaller than the standard wheelbarrow and therefore you will be required to take more trips than usual. This wheelbarrow transforms into a dolly, and when paired with the included flower pot strap, you can safely move fragile items without worrying about a spill and then broken flower pots.


  • Comes with useful accessories: cylinder holder, mesh rock mover, flower pot strap, bag holder
  • Lightweight, but sturdy
  • Narrow design – fits through doors easily
  • Solid non-pneumatic wheels – no air needed


  • Too small


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Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

If you prefer a two wheel wheelbarrow because it’s easier to lift, The Marathon Dual Cart could be just what you are looking for. This wheelbarrow has a decent load capacity and an excellent centre of gravity.

The low profile wheels offer more support and stability than the standard wheelbarrow. The Marathon cart is the best wheelbarrow for landscaping because it can haul up to 300 pounds of rock, mulch or sand with relative ease and the 5 cubic feet plastic tray is rust proof and sturdy enough to handle heavy materials around your yard.

The comfortable loop handle make maneuvering much easier.


  • Lightweight
  • Two wheels add stability
  • Affordable


  • Not as sturdy as steel
  • Tires will need air/replacing


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Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow

This Jackson steel wheelbarrow could be your perfect choice when you are looking for the best wheelbarrow for landscaping purposes. Manufactured with contractors in mind, this wheelbarrow will change the way you go about hauling your landscaping materials with much ease.

With its 16 inch tube tire, you will be able to maneuver over rocky terrain fully loaded and remain in complete control of the wheelbarrow. The Jackson’s 6 cubic tray can handle large loads and the curved lip makes it easier to dump contents. The high density and heavy gauge seamless steel is built to last for years and bucket is painted and finished with a high endurance coating.

Although the steel makes it prone to rusting, there’s little chance of the tub cracking under the pressure of a heavy load.


  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Air-filled tire reduces stress over bumps
  • Heavy-duty bucket


  • Potential for rust
  • Expect scratches and dents over time


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 True Temper 6 Cubic Foot Never Flat Tire Steel Wheelbarrow

For those landscaping home projects, you need an all-steel wheelbarrow that can take whatever you throw at it. True Temper is a 6 cubic feet, single wheel traditional designed wheelbarrow.

Because of its one wheeled nature, you are able to pivot around corners with no problem, the pneumatic tires offer sturdiness with zero chances of flats, making this one of the best wheelbarrow for landscaping. The steel handles are more comfortable and durable as they are rot-free.

To prevent rusting, we recommend that you store it indoors or nose side down or against the side of a shed to prevent water from collecting thereby increasing the chances of rusting.


  • Sturdy construction, that is, strong handles and durable tires
  • Large bin


  • May rust if not properly stored after home use


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Wheelzbarrow Three Tire Wheelbarrow

When it comes to choosing the best wheelbarrow for landscaping purposes, certainly the wheelzbarrow is the perfect bet. Designed with three pneumatic tires, you are going to be able to maneuver it a lot easily over rocky and rugged terrains without breaking a sweat, making it a darling to older user and those with back problems, as it does not require heavy lifting.

When you combine all that with rear mounted brakes that allow you to secure this wheelbarrow with a full load even on an incline, a powder coated metal tray that will provide you years and years of utility without any signs of wear and tear, and a handle bar system that guarantees your comfort even over long holes, then you are looking at something that sets itself apart from the rest of the options rather effortlessly.


  • Easy to handle and push
  • Has a braking system


  • Dumping the load not easy with one person


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When armed with the above information on the best wheelbarrow for landscaping, we believe you will be able to make an informed decision depending on what suits your needs.

From our review, we consider the Wheelzbarrow Three Tire Wheelbarrow as the best wheelbarrow for landscaping because apart from it large hauling capacity and three pneumatic tire that makes it sturdy, it guarantees you comfort as well as many years of service given it can be used on any kind of terrain.


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