Best Large Wheelbarrows Reviews 2020

Best Large Wheelbarrows Reviews

Imagine having to put up with an old rusty wheelbarrow you inherited from your grandfather ages ago just because of its capacity. How much better would it be if you got the best large wheelbarrow in a shiny new model? I bet you would never want to see your rusty wheelbarrow ever.

When it comes to choosing the best large wheelbarrow, consider the following key features;

Tire Distribution

Single tire wheelbarrows are a lot harder to maneuver especially with super heavy loads as they can easily tip over. On the other hand dual and quadruple tired wheelbarrows are the sturdiest since the weight is evenly distributed hence more balanced when hauling heavy loads.

Load Tray Material

These come in different materials, that is, metal, plastic and even fabric depending on the jobs they are suite for. The heavier the load tray material, the heavier the load it can carry.

Weight capacity

Before making that purchase, you need to what you’re going to carry in your wheelbarrow most often. Choosing a wheelbarrow that suits your exact need is always smart so be sure to check the hauling capacity before placing an order. If you overload a wheelbarrow you could cause serious injuries to yourself or others.

There are several different types of large wheelbarrows available to choose from.  We’ve outlined the best large wheelbarrows below for your review so you will understand the differences between them and make a conclusive choice.

Comparison table

Capacity (pounds)
No. of Wheels
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Gorilla Cart GOR866D
Lifetime 65034
Polar Trailer 84497
Ames 2463675

Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart

This wonder cart has a 1200 pound hauling capacity making it the best large wheelbarrow choice for gardening and landscaping projects.

Moving materials around on any kind of terrain is easy thanks to its big, strong 13’ pneumatic tires and 58 pounds lightweight nature. It is one of the hybrid wheelbarrows that have 4 wheels but the cart part dumps just like a traditional wheelbarrow does.

The Gorilla cart handle is convertible and can be hooked up to your lawn tractor or ATV with ease so you can just pull it behind you as you work. The steel frame is rust resistant and the cart is easy to clean.


  • Rust-free finish
  • Low maintenance care.
  • Front wheels pivot and turn so it’s easy to move around in tight spaces.



  • This dump cart, as with most others, does not have breaks. If you are working on a hill or area where the cart can roll away, turning the cart horizontal to the slope will prevent it from rolling away.


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Wheelzbarrow Three Tire Wheelbarrow

When it comes to choosing the best large wheelbarrow for your farming or construction purposes, Wheelzbarrow should be top of the list. This three tire machine has two rear wheels that give you stability when it comes to moving around especially for the older users or those people with back problems. This is because it does not require heavy lifting; you just need to push down the comfortable handle and the front wheel pops up and over any objects in the way.

In addition, the wheelzbarrow has a rear mount braking system that allows the wheelbarrow to be placed securely on a sloppy terrain without the risk of it slipping or falling.


  • Easy to handle and push
  • Has a braking system


  • Dumping the load not easy with one person


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Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

In order to get all your hauling jobs done, the Lifetime 65034 two wheel is the best large wheelbarrow for that. With its 6.5 cubic foot tub made of 100% post consumer recycled material, it can handle loads up to 550 pounds.

This wheelbarrow has so much stability because of its extra wide wheel base and low centre of gravity. This ensures that 85% of the load weight is distributed to the wheels rather than the wheelbarrow operator.

Lifetime 65034 comes with a powder coated, weather resistant steel frame can handle all forms of weather regardless of how harsh. It makes hauling materials very easy as it can handle various types of terrain given the heavy duty, treaded wheels.


  • Tapered Front Tub for Easier Load Dumps
  • Powder Coated Steel Resists Rusting


  • Moving around corners and in narrow places is quite hard


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Polar Trailer 84497 Cubic Feet Heavy-Duty Cub Cart

With a load capacity of up to 400 pounds and a pack size of seven cubic feet, this Polar Trailer is one of the best large wheelbarrows that we have reviewed. It is the lightest heavy duty cart in the market as it is made up of polyethene tub.

This Polar Trailer comes with full rugged wide-track rubber tires complete with shielded ball bearings.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Easy to use
  • Very sturdy


  • The design needs improvement


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Ames 2463675 Easy Roller Garden Cart

Here comes another great quality and extremely tough as well as one of the best large wheelbarrows by the name Ames. Although it does not come in the usual wheelbarrow design, this garden cart is extremely simple and comfortable to use as well as maintain.

Ames wheelbarrow has an ample wheelbase which guarantees high stability. It’s 10-inch front wheels and 5-inch rear wheels are sturdy and the come with an integrated tool tray that is easy to use and help you ferry your tools in order to get work done quickly.

In addition, the wheelbarrow tubular steel axle lasts a lifetime and is corrosion resistant.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Very easy to maneuver
  • No tipping


  • The wide base poses a problem in transportation


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Final Thoughts

While different decisions have to be made when considering a purchase, we thought of sharing our thoughts on our pick of the best large wheelbarrow, which is the Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart. Not only because of its hauling capacity, but also for its features and performance. When you purchase it, consider your money well spent.

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