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This is a wheelbarrow that is packed with functionality. The Worx easily converts into eight functions all at once saving you money to buy the different parts. The Worx aerocart converts from a wheelbarrow to a cart and carrier all in one.

Conventional wheelbarrows come with one wheel which can become unstable when balancing very heavy loads. You can tip it over and put a lot of strain on your neck and back. The Worx has two very large wheels that can cover very tough terrain with ease.

The wheelbarrow centers most of the weight on the wheels making it very easy push and enabling you carry very large loads with ease.

Multi-Function Feature

We will first explore how the Worx operates as an 8 in 1 wheelbarrow describing each of its different functionalities fully.

  • Bag Holder

When you are cleaning up your yard you may need a place to keep those leaves. The Worx wheelbarrow has a bag holder that you can keep those leaves in and just roll the bag onto the cart. You then can throw the bag into the trash can.

  • Dolly

Planning of moving a very large object like a refrigerator without calling the neighbors for help just convert the Worx aerocart bottom flap down and it operates as a dolly. The 300-pound carrying capacity will let you carry those odd shaped bulky objects with ease. The weight will be evenly distributed to the wheels making it feel that you are carrying a quarter of the load.

  • Extended Dolly

You may be looking at purchasing a fulcrum to lift and carry heavy objects, but the Worx arms easily extend converting this into a forklift. You can then move furniture and large bags of leaves and dirt easily. This gives you an additional 80 pounds of space.

  • Cylinder carrier

Gas cylinders can easily roll over when carried with a conventional wheelbarrow but the Worx has a well-designed cart frame that holds cylinders into place. You then do not have to roll them over when transporting them or carrying them over your shoulder.

  •  Trailer Trote

You may have a broken down trailer or ATV do not worry the Worx comes with a trailer bail hitch that you can easily attach to small boats and anything with wheels. The Worx can pull trailers of up to 1,000 pounds giving you greater flexibility, and this can be done on level ground.

  • Plant and Rock Remover

Thinking of moving those oddly shaped rocks, simply strap the rock or plant to the potted mover and hook it to the extension arms. You also do not need to lift the rock and place in the wheelbarrow just roll it over onto the mesh, and you are good to go. The mesh can also be used to transport your beautifully designed potted plants without worry of you breaking them.

  • Yard Cart

The Worx is designed to handle almost all your yard activities. You can carry those logs with ease and fasten them from falling over. You can even stack them for extra space. Mulch and dry leaves after a cleanup can easily be filled in a bag and easily transported.

  • Wheelbarrow

With all the various functions that the Worx can perform it remains a heavy duty wheelbarrow. The well-crafted design makes carrying large objects very easy because the weight is evenly distributed to the wheels without putting a strain on your back and hands. The handles let you easily push and pull objects without getting blisters.

  • Heavy Duty Wheels

One wheeled wheelbarrow is becoming old-fashioned, they are just are clumsy when carrying heavy objects. You also have the problem of hitting a rock or uneven surface, and your load just falls over.

The Worx comes with has oversized run-flat tires that do not need any inflating. You can move over very rough and uneven terrain with ease. They also handle the 300-pound weight with ease.

Pulling and pushing a wheelbarrow has never been easier with the Worx in place. The wheels take most of the weight enabling you not to get tired very easily.

The flat run wheels are also made from durable material ensuring that you use the Worx aerocart wheelbarrow for many years without replacing them. The wheels are also large enough to enable you travel longer distances faster.

  • Storage Capacity

The Worx aerocart is able to handle loads of up to 300 pound with ease. The Worx makes a 200-pound  load feel like 17 pounds. It is also made from a rust free steel frame that can carry rocks without much damage to the wheelbarrow. The patented design evenly ensures that the center of gravity is maximized so as to ensure that you have a very light load.

  • Easy to assemble

Just follow the manual, and you can set up this wheelbarrow in minutes. It is also lightweight, and so you can easily transport it. You just need to put the handles and wheels, and it is good to go.

  • Comfortable Handle

The handle is well padded hence giving you a very good grip. This also helps you easily balance the Worx without all the weight coming to your arms. The helps you easily push and pull the wheelbarrow.


  • Multi-functional converting from a cart to a dolly
  • Heavy duty tires that can handle tough terrain without need for them to be inflated
  • 300-pound storage capacity to handle most of the conventional yard activities
  • Weight is evenly distributed to the wheels make large loads easier to carry
  • Durable steel frame that can handle very heavy objects like rocks
  • Comes with load accessories like pot scrap, cylinder holder, bag holder and mesh rock holder.
  • You can stack logs to hence giving you additional storage
  • Extension arms for carrying oddly shaped objects and flowers pots
  • Run tires that do not to be inflated


  • It is limited in load capacity and may not be very suitable for heavy commercial use.

Customer Reviews

“Love the functionality of this workhouse there is just so much I can do with it. I have used the pot mover so many times, and for that it’s worth the price”

“Absolutely love it makes yard work way easier.”

“What one can do with this wheelbarrow is still amazing”


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Factors to consider when buying a wheelbarrow

Before deciding to buy a wheelbarrow you need to put these factors in place.

Storage Material

Wheelbarrows are made from either steel or plastic with the former being the most popular. Plastic tends not to rust but can get destroyed when subjected to heavy objects. It is also lighter than steel and is easier on your back.

Steel wheelbarrows come with the advantage of being durable and can handle a lot of weight; the disadvantage is with continuous use they tend to rust.

They are also canvas wheelbarrows available in the market; they are suitable for those doing light gardening work.


You should select a padded handle that is easy to push and pull. Two handle wheelbarrows are the most common but they can put a lot of strain on the neck and the back. We also closed and single bar handles that ensure easier pulling. A single bar can be used by people of all sizes while the traditional two handles bring discomfort to people with narrow shoulders.


You can have one or two wheels, the popular one wheel wheelbarrow is easier to maneuver, but it puts a lot of strain on your back and neck. Two wheels have become more popular as they are easy to push and pull but they are limited when going through rough and uneven terrain.

Wheels can be run-flat tires or air filled. Run-flat have the advantage of not being easily deflated and can handle very hard terrain. Air filled tires are easier to handle but can be deflated by sharp objects. Pnematic tires that are air filled act as shock absorbers hence giving you better handling.


A wheelbarrow should be able to handle most of your lifting with ease. You should select one that is light enough while enabling you carry heavy loads. Better models come with straps for carrying objects that can easily roll over. Load weight should be evenly distributed towards the wheelbarrows tires hence giving you easier weightlifting.

Some wheelbarrows come with ATV hooks and come be easily attached to a lawn tractor. This gives you the benefit of carrying more loads over heavy distances without getting tired. Adaptions in the handle can convert the handle into a hook.

Ball Bearings

Also check the quality of ball bearings within the tire. Choose one with high-grade bearings that will ensure a smooth ride.


The Worx wheelbarrow is definitely a wheelbarrow to buy for anyone wanting to do serious yard work. Its Multi-functionality saves you the money you could have spent buying the separate components. It has a very innovative design and the orange color really matches with the environment. This is a wheelbarrow that distributes the weight to the wheels hence giving you better maneuverability.

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