Best Wheel Barrow Reviews And Comparison: Top 10 Best Wheelbarrows On The Market. ( Updated 2018 )

It may have a simple design, but the wheelbarrow continues to be indispensable even today when technological advancement has reached dizzy heights. It comprises three basic machines: lever, wheel and axle, and inclined plane. It enables you to transport heavy materials that you cannot handle directly. There is a roundup of the best wheelbarrow reviews in 2018.

ModelWheelsLoad CapacityTray depthCall to Action
Wheelbarrow -WB-001 3 pound300 pounds6 cubic feetCheck Price on Amazon
Marathon 700152 pound300 pounds5 cubic feetCheck Price on Amazon
Jackson M6T22 Contractor2 pound300 pounds6 cubic feetCheck Price on Amazon
Worx Aerocraft WG0502 pound300 pounds3 cubic feetCheck Price on Amazon
Gorilla cart GOR866D4 pounds1200 pounds12.5 cubic feetCheck Price on Amazon
True Temper KPWB101 pound1100 pounds2 cubic feetCheck Price on Amazon
Gorilla COR4PS4 pounds600 pounds7 cubic feetCheck Price on Amazon
Rubber Maid FG564200BLA2 pounds300 pounds7.5 cubic feetCheck Price on Amazon
Bosmere W3022 pounds250 pounds3.25 cubic feetCheck Price on Amazon
Lifetime 650342 pounds550 pounds6.5 cubic feetCheck Price on Amazon

Who needs wheelbarrows the most?

  • 1. If you work in construction

Masonry and concrete workers often use wheelbarrows as alternatives to concrete trucks and cement mixers when they are mixing small amounts of concrete. They pour concrete into the barrow’s metal tray, spray water into the powder, and mix with a shovel until the mixture hardens. They also use them to transport construction materials around the site, as well as in the disposal of debris and waste.

  • 2. If you work in landscaping

Landscapers use wheelbarrows as alternatives to big trucks in the transport of smaller amounts of mulch and gravel from a large pile/source to the desired area. Also, to transport smaller trees and shrubs for planting, and bags of fertilizer to the planting area.

  • 3. Gardeners

Many of us have small gardens in our backyards. Wheelbarrows reduce the strain of moving large bags of top soil, manure, and fertilizer. We also use them to transport and dump weeds and the piles of sticks that litter the yard.

Three things you need to consider before purchasing a wheelbarrow

Material. Though you will still find some vintage wooden barrows if you look hard enough, most today are either made of plastic or metal. Choose plastic for lighter chores like gardening, and metal for weightier jobs. Note that the metal can rust, so take precautions to protect your wheelbarrow from the elements.

Handles. You have two options: traditional (straight) handles or the ergonomic (closed/single bar) ones. Though more comfortable, single-bar handles make it difficult for narrow-shouldered people to manage the barrow.

Wheels. Two options: barrels with one wheel positioned front-center or those with two wheels up front. The one-wheel barrow, with its tripod design, has easier maneuverability but needs you to exert more strength to maintain control of it. The Dual-wheels have more stability than the one-wheels, but at the cost of maneuverability – and they don’t work well on inclines.

Now, let’s find out which are the top ten best wheelbarrows on the market:

  • 1. Wheelzbarrow WB-001 Three Tire Wheelbarrow

This WB-001 barrow has a tripod design, consisting two rear wheels and one up front. It prioritizes comfort and stability.

Its key features include:

Comfortable handle

Wheelbarrow use can be excruciating; especially when transporting heavy materials like bags of cement. You develop a stiff neck or a stinging ache in your back and arms. The situation intensifies when you run into obstacles on the path – for instance, rocks or the edge of a concrete floor. To surmount the obstacle, you have to lift the barrow with your might or push it hard until it rolls over it. The Wheelzbarrow Three Tire comes with two key advantages that alleviate this problem: its tripod design and an easy comfort handle. When the barrow encounters objects in its path, push down its handle. The front wheel will pop up and roll over them.

Three pneumatic tires

The traditional barrow, with its single wheel up front, posed difficulty for the user in maintaining stability. For instance, if one arm exerted more pressure than the other, or if you packed more weight one side of the barrow, it would teeter as you pushed it. This would exert pressure on your arms, requiring you to use your utmost strength to maintain steadiness. But with three pneumatic wheels, this wheelbarrow improves on stability. Pneumatic tires contain an inner tube that you pump up like car tires – the air serves as a shock absorber, enabling smoother motion and easier management of the wheelbarrow. Also, its two rear wheels make it possible to turn around the barrow by spinning it 360 degrees.

Rear-mounted braking system

Handling traditional wheelbarrows on steep inclines can be tiresome, if not dangerous. When the law of gravity takes over, you lose all control of the barrel, and it hurtles down the slope. The Wheelzbarrow Three Tire has a braking system, giving you more control when maneuvering those steep inclines.

Six cubic foot metal tray

Tip: before purchasing a wheelbarrow, make sure you enquire about its carrying capacity, especially if you handle bulk quantities. Typical barrows carry approximately 1000 liters of material, which translates to 4 cubic foot. With its six cubic foot carrying capacity, the Wheelzbarrow Three Tire beats the average, allowing you to transport more material.


• It prioritizes comfort – with its ergonomically designed handle.

• It enables you to transport more material.

• It maintains stability in motion.


• It has a single-bar handle, consisting two metal pipes that slide together. However, the two pipes do not lock together, and often pull apart when you exert significant force on the handle as you push the wheelbarrow up an incline.

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The 70015 model is a dual-wheel – a mode that improves stability. With its light weight and ergonomic design, the Marathon Dual-Wheel suits small-scale gardeners and anyone who wants to move things around the yard.

Key features

Pneumatic dual wheels

When transporting heavy loads, wheelbarrows tend to teeter as if on the verge of collapse. This precariousness causes excessive straining of the arm muscles and aches in your back. The Marathon Dual-Wheel solves this problem by using pneumatic wheels. The air within the wheels acts as a shock absorber, which increases the wheelbarrow’s stability as it clambers over obstacles. The downside of having a dual wheelbarrow: less maneuverability, if you compare with a one-wheel-front-and-center barrow.

Five cubic foot tray

The Marathon Dual Wheel has a higher carrying capacity than the average wheelbarrow, although not by much. Its five cubic foot tray can accommodate a 300-pound load capacity. It won’t do for the professionals in fields like constructions who need a higher carrying capacity, but it will satisfy the average consumer – which may explain the barrow’s popularity with gardeners. The Marathon company has marketed it as a wheelbarrow best suited to residential use. Bonus: the tray is rust proof, ensuring protection against dew and rain.

Light Weight

The Marathon Dual Wheel weighs 29 pounds, which is 25% less than typical wheelbarrows. This contributes to its appeal to small-scale gardeners and the average customer needing a barrow to transport materials on a small scale.

Ergonomically designed handle

The manufacturers have constructed the Marathon Dual Wheel with a cushion-grip loop handle. This makes it easier to hold on to it, without experiencing a loosening of your grip due to sweaty hands. It also ensures ease of use in pushing, pulling, and lifting the wheelbarrow.

Easy assembly

Assembling the parts of the Marathon Dual Wheel after purchase does not require a manual. You need two tools to do the job: a flathead screwdriver and a crescent wrench. Installation does not take long.


• Its pneumatic dual wheels ensure stability.

• It is easy to assemble.

• Its light weight will suit households.

• It has an ergonomically designed handle.


• Though having two wheels improves a wheelbarrow’s stability, it comes at the cost of maneuverability.

• Its light weight will not appeal to customers transporting bulky and heavy quantities. Such customers should consider another wheelbarrow.

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The one-wheel JacksonM6T22 is a contractor wheelbarrow, and incorporates features that make it more suited to professional rather than residential uses.

Key features

Contractor wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows come in two groups: those that suit the small-scale user (residential) and those that satisfy the professional user. We call the second type, of which the Jackson M6T22 is an example, “Contractor Wheelbarrows”. Most construction workers and landscapers prefer these steel wheelbarrows due to their strength and durability. The Jackson M6T22 contractor wheelbarrow will appeal to this section of the clientele.

Note: this does not mean that residential wheelbarrows cannot match the durability of contractor wheelbarrows. Some do, and are, besides, usually light weight and corrosion-free (for instance, the Marathon Dual-Wheel which we have reviewed as number 2 above).

Six cubic foot steel tray

One factor you need to consider carefully before purchasing a wheelbarrow: steel tray or plastic. While plastic trays come with the advantages of easy cleaning and no corrosion, they also tend to crack, especially in times of cold weather. If you need a wheelbarrow to transport extra-heavy materials, prioritize those that have steel trays. These can withstand any weight and tend to last longer. The main disadvantage: their vulnerability to rust and corrosion.

The Jackson M6T22 Contractor Wheelbarrow has a 6 cubic foot heavy duty steel tray. Two things about this tray that attract builders and landscapers: strength, durability, and carrying capacity.

16 inch tubed tire

You will have to purchase a pump for this wheelbarrow because it comes with a 16-inch tubed tire, requiring you to pump air into it as with a bicycle. The advantage of pneumatic tires: the air in the tube acts as a shock absorber, which increases the stability of the wheelbarrow in motion, especially when it rolls over objects and hits the ground with force. Customers have however complained about the tire losing air, prompting regular inflation.

Easy assembly

If you purchase the wheelbarrow from a store, it will come pre-assembled, simplifying the task for you. But then you get to miss out on one of the singular joys of the do-it-yourself lifestyle: assembling the parts of a new appliance or machine. In that case, purchase it online, preferably from Amazon. Most customers have given favorable responses about its ease of assembly. Within thirty minutes or so, you will be through and the wheelbarrow ready for use.


• It is strong and durable.

• It has a high carrying capacity, enabling you to transport more materials.

• It is easy to assemble.


• The steel tray is vulnerable to rust and corrosion.

• The tubed tire often loses air, which requires you to re-inflate frequently. If that puts you off this wheelbarrow, look for one that has galvanized steel (it has a higher level of rust resistance).

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If you are looking for a wheelbarrow capable of handling a broad range of tasks the Worx Aerocart WG050 Multifunction Wheelbarrow fits the bill. It also serves as a dolly and cart, making it a highly versatile machine. It is a dual-wheel, increasing stability when in motion, especially when transporting heavy loads.

Key Features


Marketers have called this wheelbarrow an eight-in-one all-purpose machine, listing eight different tasks which it accomplishes easily. These include:

I. As a dolly. It can handle heavy appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators. It comes with a heavy duty dolly flap that can handle as much as 300 pounds

II. As a plant and rock mover. It has extended arms and moving strap that enable you to move large, unwieldy items. This will be particularly helpful in moving plants, which sometimes require more than one person to transport.

III. As an extended dolly. It has a wide platform, designed to accommodate bulky items like furniture, making it perfect for moving house.

IV. As a bag holder. The wheelbarrow can hold plastic bags in an upright position, enabling you to fill them, and afterward transport them. This capability comes in handy when carrying stacks of leaves, piles of debris, or trash,

V. As a cylinder carrier. The wheelbarrow comes with a holder that keeps cylindrical containers such as buckets, tanks, and water jugs in place to prevent them from rolling off the sides.

VI. As a trailer mover. The wheelbarrow has a ball joint attachment that you can hook to a motorcycle, ATV, or boat trailer.

Patented design

Wheelbarrows have one main problem: maintaining stability. Manufacturers have introduced different innovations in their quest to increase balance. The WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow incorporates a unique design, the patented Turbo Lift, which enables it to balance the center of gravity. The result: heavy loads feel lighter. The Aerocart accomplishes this by centering the heaviest part of the load directly over the wheels, which creates balance and stability.

Flat Free tires

Wheelbarrow users often complain about punctures in the tires, and about having to frequently inflate them after they lose air. By using Flat Free in its tires, the Aerocart has solved this problem. Flat Free is a chemical solution (a sealant) installed within a tire, providing permanent air-loss protection. The sealant’s chemical structure enables it to continuously remain fluid; and as a result, it can instantly fill and seal any hole in the tire’s tread area, preventing air from leaking out.

Other neat features

• It has a heavy-duty steel construction that can handle loads as heavy as 300 pounds.

• It has fold-out extension arms for carrying flower pots, straw bales, and mulch bags.


• It is versatile.

• Its Flat Free tires last longer.

• Its unique design increases balance and stability.


• In spite of its marketing allure and the promises of versatility, customers have complained about the wheelbarrow’s shallow bed, that it does not have as much capacity as conventional wheelbarrows.

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This wheelbarrow works well for gardening and for transporting materials and supplies around the yard. It has four wheels, making it one of the most stable wheelbarrows you will find.

Key Features

Patented quick-release dump feature

The unique thing about dump carts is their design (a cart with a body that can be tilted), and how it enables easy discharge of the cart’s contents. The GOR8666D features a quick-release dump feature that makes unloading a quicker, easier process, helping increase your productivity when out on the yard.

13-inch tires

Two things about the cart’s tires that improve its stability in comparison with other wheelbarrows:

I. It has four wheels. This creates balance, as the center of gravity lies at the middle of the cart, which instantly minimizes the pressure exerted on your arms, making for easier and lighter handling. It also makes the cart suitable for use in all manner of terrain, including the steep inclines.

II. The 13-inch tires are pneumatic, which means the air inflating them absorbs any shocks the tires encounter when rolling and bouncing on top of objects like stones and sticks.

1200-pound load capacity

If you work with bulk quantities, this dump cart will not disappoint you. It can handle loads as heavy as 1200 pounds. Compare this with the Aerocart’s (discussed in number four above)300-pound capacity.

Thick poly bed

Two things that most people hate about their wheelbarrows: cleanup and rust. The GOR866D’s bed comprises a high-strength poly material with a steel frame and a black finish, ensuring easy cleaning and resistance to rust.

Padded convertible handle

One of the best things about dump carts: you pull them, not push them. When pushing something, a component of force adds itself to the weight of the load, increasing friction; but when you pull, friction reduces. This means you exert less pressure when pulling a cart, and the weight feels lighter. The GOR8660 Dump Cart has a padded handle that you can use in two ways:

I. Pull it by hand;

II. Or hook it up behind a lawn tractor or ATV. Instead of tiring, manually towing the cart, you can sit on your ATV, and drive around the yard with ease. This quality proves indispensable when you have to transport materials for longer distances.

Other neat features

• It comes with a one-year limited warranty


• Offloading materials is easy.

• It has stability on all terrains.

• It is easy to clean.

• It is rust-resistant.

• You can tow it with an ATV.

• It can handle heavy loads


• Assembling is not easy and may take some time before you get it right. Persevere, and do it. You will feel good about your effort once you have finished the job. Or find a handy friend to help you do it.

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The True Temper KPWB10 has been described as a junior size wheelbarrow with man-size features. It will do nicely for small children, a distraction to keep them occupied, or an incentive to get them to help out when you are working, enabling you to have quality time with them.

Key Features

A kid wheelbarrow

Little kids too want to help out in the garden. The True Temper KPWB10 has been designed for them. It is also convenient for their play time. Children as young as five and four can have fun using this wheelbarrow. However, don’t expect it to do much. Although it will please your kids, the quality of the wheelbarrow will probably disappoint you. Note that it may crack if you put heavy loads into it.

Corrosion-proof poly tray

As we have noted, the wheelbarrow leaves much to be desired regarding durability. However, its tray is constructed with good poly plastic (not perfect, but not outright brittle), which means it is corrosion-free.

Sealed hardwood handles

The31-inch handles are made of hardwood. That means your little ones will have an easier time pushing it around because of the lightness. Sealing the wood serves two purposes:

I. It preserves the grain of the wood in all its aesthetic glory. This will give you something to look at and admire.

II. It protects the wood from scratches, scrapes, and spills. This makes a lot of sense, considering this is a wheelbarrow, and your child will be using it out in the open and doing a lot of rough things with it or to it.

Solid rubber tire

The barrow has one wheel up front. The wheel is made from good quality, heavy, solid rubber. Its interior is however hard plastic which makes it less durable in the face of abuse. Solid rubber tires do not have the advantage of stability like pneumatic tires – neither do they have the shock absorbing of air pumped into pneumatic tires.

Other neat features

• Steel axle and ball bearings.


• It has a corrosion-proof tray.

• It is light.


• Be careful about putting heavy objects like rocks into the wheelbarrow because they may cause the cracking of the plastic poly tray. This wheelbarrow is not durable or strong enough to make an excellent toy or tool.


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We have already discussed the GOR866D dump cart (number 5). The GOR4PS is another model in the same line of Gorilla Carts Garden Dump Carts. It comes with an innovative, improved frame design that makes assembly quicker and easier.

Key features

Patented quick-release dump feature

The GOR4PS has this feature in common with the GOR866D. It enables you to quickly and easily unload the cart’s contents, a feature that will save you time and increase your productivity while out in the yard.

New frame design

This improved frame design has three key benefits:

I. It reduces assembly time. This is a big one, considering the number of customers who complain about the confusion they had, or the time they lost, in trying to assemble the parts of their new wheelbarrows.

II. It improves maneuverability. Note: do not confuse this with stability. While stability refers to the steadiness of the wheelbarrow in motion, maneuverability refers to its ability to navigate the turns and corners you encounter on your path (or to, for instance, turn around quickly).

III. It improves the ground clearance. This refers to the space between the base of the wheelbarrow and the ground. Note: if shopping for a wheelbarrow, choose one that has a significant amount of ground clearance. This becomes especially relevant if you are going to use it on a hill or uneven terrain of any kind.

Padded pull handle

The GOR4PS can handle as much as 600 pounds, a considerable weight. To make hauling those heavy loads easier, it comes with a padded pull handle. It will accomplish two things:

I. It protects the skin on the palm of your hands, preventing blisters from erupting on it due to friction between the skin and the contact surface you are gripping.

II. It ensures your grip does not loosen due to sweat on the palms of your hands. When your hands are wet, the padded handle will be less prone to slipperiness.

Other neat features

• Its 36-inch x 20-inch bed is made of poly, which means it cannot rust, ensuring durability.

• It has 10-inch pneumatic tires. These guarantee the stability of the wheelbarrow. Note: it also helps that it has four wheels.

• It has a one-year limited warranty.


• It is easy to assemble.

• It has good maneuverability.

• It has a sizeable ground clearance level.

• Unloading the cart’s contents is easy and quick.

• Its padded handle makes pulling the cart easy.


• Though the metal base is sturdy, the plastic bucket may be thinner than you like. Some customers consider this a deal-breaker.

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8. Rubbermaid Commercial FG564200BLA HDPE Big-Wheel Dump Truck

This dump truck is built for long-lasting use. It is made of HDPE, a strong, durable, easy to clean plastic. Its all-plastic, seamless pan design prevents occurrences of leaking or cracking. The two-wheel cart may be used as a wheelbarrow or a farm cart.

Key Features

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) body

In addition to its strength and durability, HDPE plastic has the added advantage of smoothness. It is non-stick and easy to clean. This smoothness also makes it simpler to offload materials, as they just slide off. This is in contrast with some wheelbarrows which require much exertion of effort (like completely tilting them to an upright position, and manually putting in your hand to claw down the materials) to properly dump all the loaded contents.

Large pneumatic wheels

Its two large pneumatic wheels ensure stability. It does not teeter when in motion as the center of gravity is at the center, which frees your arms from unnecessary pressure. The pneumatic tires absorb shocks such as when the dump truck bumps into a wall or when you roll it down a steep, hard terrain or the stairs. It is also very easy to maneuver this dump truck – mostly because it has two wheels.

Ergonomic handles

The handles are big and easy to hang on to. This reduces the strain on your arms and shoulders. They consist of a one-piece molded-in design which requires zero maintenance and does not loosen.

Other neat features

• It has an all-plastic seamless pan design to enable easy cleaning and prevent cracking and leaking (because HPDE does not absorb moisture), which ensures lasting durability.

• It has a carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds.


• It is easy to clean.

• It has low chances of leaking or cracking.

• Offloading materials is easy.

• It is stable in motion


• It has a small load-bearing capacity: 300 pounds is on the lower side.

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9. Bosmere W302 Folding Wheelbarrow

The Bosmere W302 will suit three kinds of people: those who have a storage problem, those who travel frequently, and those who desire a lightweight wheelbarrow.

Key Features

Folding wheelbarrow

The Bosmere W302 is a folding wheelbarrow, which means you can fold it flat. If you are a frequent traveler, this wheelbarrow will satisfy you. Fortunately, it has one wheel only, which increases its portability. It is one of the few wheelbarrows you can carry with you anywhere even at short notice. You simply have to fold it flat and put it in the car. It also simplifies the storage problem: for instance, if you live in an apartment, or in a house that has less space, you can easily fold the W302, and prop it up against a wall. It also doesn’t hurt that it is light in weight, making it easy to lift and move around.

Solid wheel tire

Though pneumatic wheels have the advantage of stability, they cannot guarantee durability. They often puncture or deflate, requiring the user to keep re-inflating the wheel. With solid wheel tires, the W302 does not have this problem. You can use your wheelbarrow on rocky terrain without fear of punctures or deflation. But you get this benefit after sacrificing stability; a relevant factor, especially if you consider that this wheelbarrow has a one-wheel-front-and-center design, which would make it highly unstable while in motion. And without the shock-absorbing advantage of pneumatic wheels, you will have a hard time maintaining steadiness when bearing heavy loads on challenging terrain.

Polyester bag

To bolster its portability/convenience credentials, the barrow does not have a hard plastic or metal tray/bed. Instead, it has a PVC-backed polyester bag, a canvas which easily folds to ensure the wheelbarrow does not take up too much space. This also ensures that the wheelbarrow has a lighter weight than average. Two more things about the bag that make it perfect for travel:

I. It comes with wipe clean surfaces, making cleanup easier.

II. It has pouches on its back for the storage of small tools.


• It is easy to store.

• It is portable.

• It is light.

• It is easy to clean.


• The PVC polyester bag cannot handle heavy, rough or sharp objects; so take extra precaution on that account. Use the wheelbarrow only for lighter materials.

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The Lifetime 65034 has a unique design that ensures distribution of load weight to the wheelbarrow’s two wheels rather than to the user, which makes it easier to use as well as increases its stability.

Key features

Ingenious design

Good design can solve most problems – for instance, the twin problems of stability and the exertion of unnecessary weight on the user’s muscle. One-wheel models often have this issue, as we have seen elsewhere in the review. But the Lifetime 65034 does not because of its ingenious design, which distributes a greater portion of the load-weight (75%) to the wheels and less (15%) to the user. With its wide wheelbase and low center of gravity, it ensures greater load stability.

Environmentally friendly

If you make a point of purchasing green products, you might like this wheelbarrow. Its tub comprises 100% post-consumer recycled material. Post-consumer recycled plastic derives from an end product (for instance a water bottle) that has completed its life cycle and has no more utility. Usually, we dispose of such items as solid waste products. However, instead of doing this, certain companies reclaim them and recycle them, making fresh products with them – for instance, the Lifetime 65034 wheelbarrow’s tub.

Weather-resistant steel frame

The greatest threat to the durability the metallic parts of a wheelbarrow is corrosion. This insidious process gradually eats away at the metal, destroying your barrow. One protection method consists of applying protective coatings such as paint or powder coatings to the steel. This wheelbarrow’s steel frame is coated with powder, effectively ensuring it has barrier protection against the elements. The steel rims are also powder-coated.

6.5 cubic foot tub

The tub can hold up a capacity of up to 550 pounds. That is just about average, which means the wheelbarrow is okay for residential use, though it wouldn’t do for heavy-duty loads.

Heavy-duty treaded wheels

This feature enhances the Lifetime 65034’s stability. Tread patterns on wheels improve traction. Traction refers to the grip of a tire on the road; the better the grip, the more stable the wheelbarrow, enhancing your sense of control as you push it through bad terrain or up steep inclines.


• It is stable in motion.

• It exerts less pressure on your arms.

• It is environmentally-friendly.


• If you do not have good instincts for assembling machines, find a friend who does to help you because assembly may take some time. The assembly instructions consist of pictures and little text, making it difficult to know which bolt goes where.

• It does not have good ergonomics. The handles are too far apart, which makes it difficult to push it comfortably, a feature that will mostly affect people who have short arms.

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I hope the review has provided enough quality information to influence your decision-making next time you go wheelbarrow-shopping. These products have different strengths and suit different types of customers. But some clearly stand out, and they are:

• GORILLA CARTS GOR866D HEAVY-DUTY GARDEN POLY DUMP CART. The GOR886D dump cart is the best product on this list. It has several excellent features, for instance: ease of offloading materials, stability, ease of cleaning, rust, resistance, ability to tow it with an ATV, and high carrying capacity. If you need a wheelbarrow that can handle super-heavy loads, purchase this one – its load capacity of 1200 pounds gives it natural dominance over all the other wheelbarrows on the list. The other Gorilla Carts Dump Cart model on this list (GOR4PS) would also make an excellent choice, and I consider it second in excellence.

• JACKSON M6T22 CONTRACTOR WHEELBARROW. It is the only contractor wheelbarrow on the list. It is robust and durable, but vulnerable to corrosion. If you are a landscaper or builder, I would recommend it.

• WORX AEROCART WG050 MULTIFUNCTION WHEELBARROW. This wheelbarrow stands out because of its versatility – it can perform eight different tasks. However, it cannot handle heavy loads.

• Bosmere W302 Folding Wheelbarrow. If your priority is portability or easy storage, purchase the W302. It is super-light, easy to fold, and has one wheel only.