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Thinking of cleaning up your yard then a blower will come in handy to get rid of those leaves and twigs in your yard. You can have a blower that you easily strap on your back or have one with lots of power.

You may be confused whether to get gas or electric blower. We have taken the liberty to highlight some very good leaf blowers in the market, but before buying one, you may need to consider these factors.

Review of top leaf Blowers in the each of the two main leaf blower categories

Ego Power 3 Speed Turbo 56 Volt Cordless Blower

This is a blower that performs better than a gas blower thanks to its 56-volt lithium battery that gives you lots of power while being noiseless and gentle to the environment.

New Husquarvana 580BTS 75.6cc Gas Powered Backpack

This is an improved version of the Husquarvana blowers that comes in an improved X-Toqe engine that is known to reduce harmful emissions by up to 40 percent while delivering lots of power.

Product summary

1. Ego Power 3 Speed Turbo 56 Volt Cordless Blower

This a blower that combines advanced aeronautics engineering to deliver almost the same power as a gas powered engine. The blower comes with rechargeable batteries that ensure you get all your work done with ease.

The blower produces little noise and is very environmentally friendly. This blower lets you forget about long cords that limit the surface area covered. The 2.5 Ah battery can do 60 minutes of cleanup on low power. In case you need more power, it comes with a turbo booster.

The blower delivers 480 CFM of air volume letting you cover larger surfaces fast. A high-efficiency motor (brushless) motor makes cleaning surfaces easy.

The blower is lightweight and can be carried around to hidden corners and under the surface.

Thinks we like

  • Turbofan engineering for efficient power
  • Long lasting lithium battery
  • Produces little noise and is environmentally friendly
  • Turbo boost for extra power
  • Can be used in various weather conditions

Thinks we did not like

  • Cannot be used for heavy commercial tasks.

“I was very impressed with the long battery life. You can easily recharge where there is an EGO port.”

2. New Husquarvana 580BTS 75.6cc Gas Powered Backpack

The backpack comes with padded shoulders that are comfortable on the shoulders letting you do heavy tasks without putting so much strain on your back and neck.

The improved new X-Torg engine delivers a lot of power while reducing emissions of harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60 percent while not compromising on performance.

The 75.6cc engine produces 208MPH of air power while at the same time increasing fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent.

A Centrifugal air cleaning system ensures that large particles and debris to not get into the air filter. This prevents the destruction of the engine by reducing air cleanups which leads to longer engine life.

Controls are easily located within arms reach giving you greater flexibility when performing different tasks. This is a heavy duty blower that will let you cover a larger yard area.

Thinks we like

  • Two-stage air filter system for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system that ensures longer engine life
  • X-Torq engine that delivers lots of power with lower emissions
  • Comfortable padded backpack that’s gentle on your back
  • Heavy duty blower that lets you cover lots of surface area

Things we do not like

  • It consumes a lot of fuel

“The newly improved engine lead to considerable fuel savings. I believe this is one of the best gas powered engines in the market.”

What factors to look for when buying a leaf blower

  • Type of engine

Leaf blowers come as either gas or electric engines each having its own set of benefits. An electric blower comes with a cord attached to socket and engines tend to be quiet and suitable for a light residential work. They are also friendly to the environment.

The gas engines are more powerful and produce a lot of noise and are most suitable for heavy yard activities or work that is a couple of kilometers from a power source. They produce more power but are very noisy.

  • Handheld or backpack

Handhelds are the most type of blowers; they are light and easy to carry while the backpack is often heavier and most suitable for large property areas. The size of the work will be the leading factor on which to go with.

 When selecting a backpack blower ensure that it is well padded. Since most backpack leaf blowers tend to be gas engines, they can be bulky and heavy to carry. Select one that easily lets you adjust the hip and shoulder fasteners.

  • Size of work

This will determine whether the type of blower to get is a handheld or backpack blower. If you are doing light yard work, you may consider buying an electric blower while for heavy commercial use may require gas powered lowers.

Gas blowers tend to be very heavy hence choose one that you can easily load up onto your truck for tasks that are far away. A cordless electric blower may be most suitable for cleaning corners in the house, and it is quieter and has fewer exhaust emissions.

  • Size of Cord

When selecting an electric leaf blower, you should check the size of the cord. The blower should be easily accessible to the main power supply. Cords have the advantage of not interrupting your work through constant battery recharge, but the cords can also be clumsy and lead to accidents.

A gas-powered blower has no cords and can run for a long time. The problem is that it can be very noisy especially when used in the house.

  • Noise

Gas engines can handle most the work you throw at them, but they are also noisy and emit harmful emissions. Some local authorities have banned gas-powered blowers in their area.

 You may need to check whether one is CARB compliant before purchasing one. The power may also be limited by local authorities specifying the decimals allowed. You may also be asked to use one during a specific time of the day.

Electric leaf blowers do not have this problem, very little regulation is required, but you may be limited in regards to power and capacity. You also do not need an earpiece like one in a gas powered blower.

  • Engine Type 

Gas engines come in two types there is two and four stroke engine. A four-stroke engine does not require the mixture of gas and oil, this results in lower emissions which makes them very clean.

The two-stroke is less expensive and produces more power as they produce more power with fewer strokes. They also have a better power to weight ratio making them easy to carry.

  • Turbo Boost

When buying an electric blower, it is good that you look for one with a variable speed option. This lets you get more power when you need it. Unlike Gas engines that can handle big tasks, an eclectic blower may need a turbo booster to push hard debris.

  • Nozzle 

Examine the nozzle to see whether it is flat or round shaped. Flat flared nozzles may be most suitable for clearing light objects like leaves while round tapered nozzles are most suitable for moving heavy debris.

You should also check the length of the nozzle; long ones are good for dusting hidden corners and under surfaces.

  • Battery life

For electric blowers select one that has a longer battery life that needs less frequent re-charging. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common types. The higher the Amp, the more power that you get. You should also get one where the cells do not get destroyed by frequent recharging.


Selecting a blower will ultimately depend on the type of work that you intend to use the leaf blower in. We recommend the above two blowers for each of the main categories of leaf blowers.

If you are looking for a blower that can perform light yard activities without a lot of noise, then the Ego power three speed is one of the best electric blowers in the market. This blower is known to deliver the same power as a gas powered engine. The blower produces very little noise and emissions making it suitable for light residential work.

The 2.5Ah battery can do more than 60 minutes of work before recharge. The additional turbo boost lets you get that extra power when doing tasks. This leaf blower is the best electric leaf blower in the market.

In the gas category, the New Husquarvana is the blower we would recommend for any heavy duty activity. The X-Torq engine is known to reduce fuel emissions by up to 60 percent making it environmentally friendly. You also have over 40 percent fuel savings. This gas powered blower delivers considerable power, and with the improved air cleaning system, you are assured of a long engine life.

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