Gator blades vs mulching blades – Which blades will prevent your mower from hurling foreign objects?

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Gator blades and mulching blades cut grass into much smaller sizes thanks to their sharp jagged edges. This comparison of gator blades vs mulching blades will help you find an efficient and safe set of blades for your lawn..


Mowing the lawn is a simple pleasure for me. I have often found that some mowers are more likely to eject foreign objects. I’ve had to make a few window repairs over the years. Luckily, nobody has ever been hurt.

I researched gator blades vs mulching blades to find out how to prevent any accidents.

  Gator blades Mulching blades
Aerodynamic lift Suction Cyclical
Lift High Lower
Can Mulch Yes Yes
Blade Jagged Jagged


Gator blades

These blades are powerful. They are jagged around the edges for an even clip. Once the grass is cut, it is sucked through a chute and deposited into a bag. The clippings may also be deposited back onto the lawn as mulch.


Gator blades have wings which are angled upwards. They support the aerodynamic lift provided by the mower, making it easier to dispose grass.


High lift gator blades are powerful. They lift the grass before cutting it, which is then sucked into the chute. These blades guarantee a quick and efficient cut, and will only need one take.

Aerodynamic lift

Like other high lift blades, gator blades are curved upwards to increase the force of the lift. Air and grass are sucked into the chute, and deposited back on the lawn or into a bag. Some gator mulching blades combine both properties, and may e used for mulching.


  • Are more powerful
  • Can be used for mulching


  • Might shoot out foreign objects

Mulching blades

Mulching blades are designed to cut clippings into a fine texture. They are sharpened and curved, to increase their effectiveness when in contact with grass.


They are curved upwards to improve the mower’s ability to cycle air inside the deck. They are also sharpened along a greater surface, making it easier to cut the grass clippings.


Mulching blades are slower than gator blades. They cut grass as it cycles through the mower’s deck into much smaller pieces, which are deposited on the lawn as mulch. Since the grass is not lifted, you might have to focus more on certain patches of your lawn during conditions such as rainfall.

Aerodynamic lift

Mulching mowers have a cyclic aerodynamic lift. The blades are curved to enhance the ability to cut grass into smaller pieces as they rotate inside the deck.


  • Fertilizes your lawn for a healthier appearance
  • Will not eject rocks and other projectiles


  • Might require do overs
  • Can be slow

My verdict

Gator blades are more powerful than mulching blades. While both blades have curved jagged edges for a cleaner cut, high lift gator blades work better in certain conditions. However, the powerful gator blades can hurl projectiles through the chute. This may cause damage or injury. For safest mowing, mulching blades are the better option.

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