G5 Gator Blades Review – Will new blades overwhelm your old mower?

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A variety of gator blades are available for many lawn mower brands. They are grouped into three, namely G3, G5 and G6 blades. G5 blades are the intermediate brand of Oregon gator blades. For mowers with a decent power output,the G5 blades can be an ideal set. They are slightly thicker than G3 blades, but are compatible with mowers that have stock G3 blades. This G5 gator blades review will help you choose the best set of blades for your mower.


I have a Troy Bilt Bronco mower, which was bought with stock G3 blades. I have been mowing with the machine for over five years, and needed to replace the set in that time. When I looked online for a solution, I discovered better options that G3 gator blades. However, many users cautioned against replacing older blades with new versions. I explored this G5 gator blades review to help me find a great set that was compatible with my mower.


  Oregon 598-629G5 Oregon 596-306 Oregon gator G5 95-601
Hardened Yes Yes Yes
Lift High High High
Heavy duty Yes Yes yes
rating 4.5 3.8 3.8


Oregon 598-629G5 Gator blades

The G5 blades are compatible with most mowers of a similar size. They are universally fitting, which helps reduce any vibrations that might wear out the blades or mower components. They are also thicker than other blades, and are more durable because of this.

G5 blades can be used for mulching since they break down the grass into tiny pieces. They are also efficient for lawns that do not require mulching. Due to their power, these blades are ideal for heavy duty work. They break down leaves and pines just as well as they do grass. The high lift enables these blades to work well in wet conditions too!


  • Durable and hardened
  • Ideal for heavy duty work
  • Powerful
  • High lift
  • Compatible with most mower decks


  • Not curved at the optimum angle for mulching

Oregon 596-306 G5Gator blades

These G5 blades are up to 15% harder than standard blades. They are thicker than G3 blades, which provides more power when cutting your lawn. The blades are curved upwards to increase the mower’s aerodynamic lift, as well as increase the contact between the grass and blade surface. They are also factory-sharpened and are easy to install.



  • Sturdy and durable
  • Great for heavy duty work
  • Compatible with most mower decks
  • High lift
  • High quality materials


  • Not curved at the optimum angle for mulching

Oregon gator G5 95-601

Like the two G5 gator blades listed, these blades are hardened and will last for a long time. They are great with small engines, and will not result in the loss of RPM. You can use these blades in place of your stock G3 gator blades without a drop in performance.

Their jagged edges are sharpened along a greater surface than regular blades, helping them to cut more grass evenly. You will spend less time using these mower blades because of their high quality and great performance.


  • High lift for more power
  • Ideal for small engines
  • Guarantees a clean cut
  • High quality materials


  • Not at the optimum angle for mulching

My verdict

I tried out the Oregon 598-629G5 Gator blades for ,my mower. Despite the concerns about replacing stock G3 blades with G5 blades, my mower is running better than ever. My 2008 Troy Bilt Bronco cuts my lawn more neatly than before, even when the environment is wet. Installing these blades took me no more than 20 minutes. Unlike my previous set, theG5 blades did not vibrate, which makes the mower silent, and the process enjoyable. During spring, the G5 blades chopped up the leaves and grass without clogging. I have enjoyed using this set of blades, and would recommend them to anyone looking for G5 gator blades.


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