Best mulching blades for leaves – Which set of blades will break down moist leaves and grass?

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Some mower blades have trouble breaking down leaves. They are not designed to cut both grass and leaves. During Fall months, this can be challenging as there are a lot of leaves about. When finding the best mulching blades for leaves, you should also consider their durability and performance even in unsatisfactory conditions.


I though I knew everything I needed to learn about mowing when I picked it up earlier this year. I started with a set of regular blades for my Cub Cadet Mower. After about a month, I noticed a difference between my neighbor’s lawn and my own. When I asked McKenna how he was able to keep his grass looking healthy, he advised me to look into mulching. While standard blades are designed to cut and bag clippings, mulching blades re-cut all clippings into a much smaller size and deposit them back onto the lawn. I replaced the standard blades with the Rotary 12963 PK Copperhead Mulching blade. During the Fall, I had trouble breaking down the leaves. I looked into the best mulching blades for leaves to find a solution.

  USA Mower 50-39-45 Toro Recycler blade Stens Mulching blade
Lift High High Low
Thickness 0.14 0.15 0.134
Can Mulch yes Yes Yes
Rating 4.4 4.6 4.5


USA Mower Blade High Lift 50-39 45

These high lift blades are made in the USA. They are made of a high quality material, and are thick to increase their performance in heavy duty turfs. They generate a powerful aerodynamic lift that sucks in grass, which is consistent even with wet weather. The blades are easy to install, and are designed to fit a number of mowers. The high lift blades will grind up leaves and pine cones easily thanks to its longer sharpened surface and jagged edges. These blades will mulch your lawn too, and keep your grass growing healthy and evenly.


  • Hardened for durability
  • Great quality of materials
  • Suitable for heavy duty work
  • Multipurpose mower blades


  • Not ideal tilt for mulching

Toro Recycler blade

High lift toro recycler blades guarantee a powerful performance each time. They are tough and thick, and are jagged along the edges. The high lift blades also have a strong aerodynamic lift that helps suck in grass clippings for mulching or disposal. The blades will work just as well for lawns with tall grass, leaves or a high amount of moisture. Toro recycler blades can be loud, do to the high amount of power generated. These blades are ideal for heavy duty work because they are hardened to improve their performance.


  • Thick and powerful
  • Jagged edges for a thorough cut

Works well with wet lawns


  • Not ideal tilt for mulching

Stens Mulching blade

The low lift mower blades are great for a decent cut. They help mulch your lawn by depositing grass clippings back onto the turf. These blades are curved, creating a circular aerodynamic flow to lift the cut grass and leaves into the mower deck for a more thorough cut. The Stens blades are easy to set up with most mowers.


  • Mulches and grinds leaves
  • Great performance
  • Guarantees a clean cut
  • Easy to install


  • Low lift may not be efficient for wet lawns
  • Is not the most powerful blade available
  • Not suitable for heavy duty work

My verdict

The USA Mower Blades High Lift 50-3945 blades guaranteed performance when grinding and mulching leaves. The high lift blades are easy to install, and work with mulching mowers. They helped me keep my lawn trim and free from leaves even when the conditions were wet. While most mulching mowers struggle with moist leaves and tall, thick grass, these blades combine mulching with high lift properties for a powerful and neat cut.

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