Best mulching blades for Husqvarna – Which set of replacement blades will ensure a thorough cut even when the grass is wet?

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The best mulching blades for husqvarna mowers will improve the performance of your mower and the appearance of your lawn. These blades are designed to deposit mulch back onto the lawn after clipping. They also have a number of features that make them very durable and efficient to work with. This review provides insight into some of the best replacement blades for Husqvarna.


When the stock set for my Husqvarna mower could not be sharpened any further, I considered changing them. I had heard about the benefits of mulching, and was looking for a set of blades that could offer this feature as well as carry other perks. I looked for the best mulching blades for husqvarna mowers on the internet and found a few great replacement blades that could help me mulch my lawn.


  MaxPower 331740S replacement blade MTD replacement 942-0741A blade Rotary blades for husqvarna
edges jagged smooth smooth
lift high standard high
thickness .15 .134 .204
rating 4.5 4.8 4.7


MaxPower 331740S replacement blade

The Maxpower set of replacement blades is great for mulching on the Husqvarna mower. It is jagged and curved upwards, which increases contact between the blades and grass. They are powerful, and may be used for heavy duty work. These blades are thick and hardened, through an austempering process, which makes them very durable. They will work well on all turfs and under different weather conditions because they have a strong lift. Maxpower replacement blades only require minimal effort to install, and even less maintenance.


  • Jagged edges ensure a thorough cut each time
  • Great for all weather conditions
  • Can be used for heavy duty work
  • Easy to fit


  • Not tilted at best angle for mulching

MTD replacement 942-0741A mulching blade

MTD replacement blades are sturdy and durable. However, they are thinner than the other two blades on the list. They are easy to install and are compatible with the Husqvarna deck. These blades guarantee great performance when mulching. They are also very efficient in energy consumption.


  • Compatible with the Husqvarna deck and is easy to install
  • Offers great cut
  • Strong and require little maintenance


  • Not austemper hardened
  • Not as powerful as the other two blades
  • May streak when the turf is wet


Rotary blades for husqvarna

These blades are smooth around the edges but have a large sharpened surface. They are high lift, and generate a strong aerodynamic lift when cutting your lawn to make sure that each cut is neat and thorough. The blades are compatible with the Husqvarna deck, and are designed to improve the performance of the mower when mulching. They can be used for heavy duty work, and will efficiently mow even when the grass is wet.


  • Made of great quality materials
  • Easy to install and compatible with most Husqvarna decks
  • Great for heavy duty work


  • Not tilted at perfect angle for mulching
  • Smooth edges do not offer a thorough cut
  • Might be too thick for low power motors


My verdict

I went with the MaxPower set of replacement blades. I had received a few good reviews from my neighbors, and was interested to find out how these blades would perform with my Husqvarna mower. I have enjoyed mowing with these blades so far. They are tough, and will cut through almost anything on the turf. They are very hard and require little maintenance. I have not yet had to sharpen these blades despite having used them for almost 30 hours of mowing. These blades are made of great quality materials.

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