Best mulching blades for craftsman – Which set of blades will help keep your lawn healthy with little maintenance?

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Craftsman blades are made of great quality materials. However, not all stock blades can be used for mulching. If you are in the market for the best mulching blades for craftsman mowers, you may need to consider alternative manufacturers and other aftermarket parts. Here are a few options that are compatible with your craftsman mower, are great quality products and do not exceed your budget.


When the stock blades for my Craftsman mower started having maintenance problems, I knew that I needed to replace them. I had researched into mulching, and wanted to take it up since it promised great benefit for my lawn. I could not mow with my stock Craftsman blades, so I looked into available options that could help me in this regard as well as fit my deck. Here are some of the best mulching blades for Craftsman mowers available.


  Husqvarna replacement 5324067 Mr Mower 195-005 Oregon gator mulcher G3
Number of blades 1 2 2
edges smooth smooth jagged
lift low low high
rating 3.9 4.1 4.3


Husqvarna replacement 532406713 mower blades

This blade is compatible with Craftsman mowers, and can be a great replacement for the stock set. It is tough and made of high quality materials. The Husqvarna 5324067 is easy to install since it is universally fit. This reduces the likelihood of vibrations, which may affect the blade or mower. The blade is great for mulching, and has a long sharpened surface for a clean cut. It may not work efficiently on wet turfs. The replacement blade may also require do-overs on patches with uneven growth.


  • Great quality materials
  • Can be used for mulching
  • Easy to fit and fix


  • Not suitable for wet turfs
  • Only available as single blade

Mr Mower 195-005 replacement blades

Mr Mower’s 195-005 set is compatible with the Craftsman deck, and is easy to install. These blades have a low lift. They are great for mulching, and will help to boost your lawn’s growth. The 195-005 blades are made with great quality materials. They are firm and are compact when installed. Mr Mower blades are available in a set of two, for better management.


  • Large sharpened surface for a thorough cut
  • Can be used for mulching
  • Available in a set of two


  • Might streak on wet lawns

Oregon gator mulcher G3 3-in-1 blades

The G3 3-in-1 blade combines a variety of functions. It can be used for mulching, and generates a strong aerodynamic lift that may also be used for disposal. The blades are jagged and sharp around the edges to cut the grass into much smaller pieces before mulching. These G3 gator mulcher blades will work well on tough turfs.


  • Powerful high lift
  • Works well with all conditions
  • Great for heavy duty work
  • Jagged edges to ensure thorough cutting of grass


  • May be loud

My verdict

I enjoyed using the G3 gator mulcher 3-in-1 blades on my Craftsman mower. These blades were very easy to install, and only took up a few minutes. They are also very secure, and are not vibrating within the deck. In terms of performance, the G3 gator mulcher blades are ideal for a variety of tasks. They can be used for mulching, disposal and bagging. These blades are very powerful, and do not require any re dos. I have even cut my lawn when it was wet without having uneven patches of grass. My lawn looks trim, and is growing evenly. These mulching blades have helped me out.



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