Best high lift mower blades – Which blades work best on wet turfs?

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If you are in the market for mower blades, you should consider available high lift options. They provide the surface with a lift before cutting, which ensures that your lawn is neat and evenly kept regardless of the weather conditions. High lift mower blades enable homeowners to maintain their lawns comfortably even when they do not have enough time for scheduled and regular maintenance. This guide will help you find the best high lift mower blades.


I spend every other Saturday mowing my lawn for about two hours. On the Saturdays that I am unable to work on the lawn, I have one of my boys do the mowing. I am a single father of two boys, Jerry and Ben, who are 14 and 16 respectively. I started working with the boys on the lawn about three years ago, as I thought the work might help my sons pick up some sense of responsibility. Since they were too young to handle mulching blades, I looked into the best high lift mower blades available to enable them to cut the lawn easily.

  Poulan PP24004 USA U13277 BP MTD 942-04087
lift high high high
Streaks when wet no no no
Universal fit yes yes yes


Poulan PP24004 42-inch High Lift Lawn Mower Blade

The Poulan PP24004 set of replacement blades are designed for a high quality performance. They are curved upwards to increase the aerodynamic force generated within the deck, which is important for lifting the grass during clipping. This makes the blades very efficient, even when the turf is wet or has uneven growth. The blades are great for heavy duty work, and will not wear out quickly.


High lift for more power

Works well when wet

Hardened tor durability

Great quality materials


Can be loud

Not ideal for mulching

USA U132773BP Mower Blades (3) High-Lift

This set of blades is great for heavy duty work. They are hardened, and are made of high quality materials. They also have a high lift, which generates a large aerodynamic force that helps suck grass into the mower’s deck when cutting. The blades guarantee a great cut even on tough grass and wet lawns, which makes it ideal for use throughout the year. These blades come in a set of three, which increases the overall lifespan and service offered.


Universal fit and easy to install

Works well when wet

Strong and great quality materials used

Ideal for heavy duty work


Can be loud

Not tilted at ideal angle for mulching

MTD 942-04087Hi Lift mower blades

The MTD 942-04087 set of replacement blades is thick and sturdy, which increases their overall durability. These blades are curved upwards to boost the aerodynamic flow within the deck, allowing grass to be sucked in for a cleaner cut. They are easy to install and will fit most decks, thanks to their universal fit. The blades are also budget friendly, and can be used to mulch as well as bag clippings.


Offers a variety of functions

Hardened for long term performance

Works well on tough turfs

Universal fit


Not tilted at perfect angle for mulching


My verdict

On recommendation from my experienced neighbors, I went with the Poulan 42-inch High Lift Lawn Mower Blade PP24004. I have experienced the powerful performance of these specially curved blades since I replaced them onto my mower. I do not need to constantly supervise Jerry and Ben when they work because the blades ensure quick, easy and consistent cutting. Regardless of weather conditions, my lawn is always kept neat and trim. The blades are also very versatile, and can come in handy when I need to mulch the lawn as well.

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