ABO Gear Utility Wagon Garden Cart – Blue+260

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I analyzed so many of these wagons before buying one because my daughter plays softball and she required something to aid her to carry blankets, chairs, and to hold food and snack for all day games. I was moved and happy to buy and receive this cart. It was easy to unfold and ready to go. My daughter utilizes it around once a week and during the weekends. You can't imagine her experience of carrying her stuff; it's what every player would love to do.

Capabilities and Accessories

The ABO Gear Utility Wagon Garden Cart arrives with four fittings that permit you to perform extra with this dual purpose instrument. The total steel wagon comes with a Net Rock lifter that links to the extension handles.

The Canned Plant Mover band joins to the extension handles and maintains balanced throughout conveyance. The Cylinder Pouch holds into the casing while in puppet mode and makes curving round materials simple. The Bag Pouch also links into the casing while in dolly mode and permits you to attach a container for collecting leaves, grass trimmings or collecting up recyclables or trash.

This wagon has a lot of abilities; you will discover yourself attracted to it more and more. With the Aerocart in truck vogue, you can grip a prevue ball (sold separately), save it in the shack on the beneath flap and now you have a private trailer carrier. The Aerocart permits you to get trailers up to 1000 lbs.

Ease to Assemble

This wagon is smaller than traditional carts. The wagon is easy to assemble. The Only part you require to join is a single steel pin going through each wheel and sliding into a ringed hole on the side of the tub

Mounting its tires is fool proof as Comes with large fold-out instructions, but you didn't have to read any of it to assemble it. It holds bearings that are built tough with wheels (around 3 inches wide & 8 inches tall) that never go flat even in the coldest season and has a linking rod below the container pivots both tires forward and closes the tires in the forward position.

Note: A bit of oil on axis points helps.

Good for tall people

As a tall person, your higher lifting angle may cause scraping on cart's bottom. A perfect solution for that would be to flip the handles over for them to curve. But since it carries a lower load, controlling it is comfortable and safe.

Ideal for all farm chores

The cart is built like a tank- well balanced, nimble & smart design leverage multiplies the strength of the user, unlike anything you may have owned. It's good for moving small rocks , pots under 80 lbs, Great for holding /filling , transporting tall paper bags, topsoil, gravel, anything.


This cart is easy to transform from a wheelbarrow into a standard dolly by pulling a single spring loaded knob near the handles (on either side of the support legs) and then folding the legs t the front.

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