Worx W050 Aerocart: 8-in 1 Multifunction Wheelbarrow Yard cart and dolly

Worx W050 Aerocart

This is the review is the review if the Worx W050 Aerocart a 8-1 wheelbarrow, the best multi-functional wheelbarrow

Working in the yard requires multi-tasking at different levels. There is digging to be done, lifting of rock and stumps and general cleanup of the yard. The Worx wheelbarrow is one wheelbarrow that is designed to be multi-functional at all levels saving you a lot of money if you had bought parts separately.

The Worx does not only function as a wheelbarrow but can handle very heavy lifting around the yard while still maintaining other functions. It converts into its 8 functions easily with little assembly needed.



This wheelbarrow can be used as yard cart, dolly, wheelbarrow, bag holder, extended dolly, cylinder carrier, trailer tote or a plant mover. You can carry and lift weights using this wheelbarrow.

The extended dolly acts as a fulcrum enabling you to lift and transport those eggplants or heavy stones and cylinders easily.

As a dolly you can convert this wheelbarrow into a heavy duty truck, which can carry gas cylinders, fridge or bulky furniture. All you have to do is move the bottom flap down and you have a truck.

Heavy duty wheels

The two wheels in the Worx give it additional balance when carrying heavy weights. You do not have to worry about the wheelbarrow tipping over when loading a weight. The wheels also take most of the weight and effort that you could have used with a one wheeler wheelbarrow.

They are also none deflectable enabling them to move over rough terrain easily. They also require very little maintenance.

Bag holder

While doing some gardening in the yard the W050 can have a bag attached at the edge. This enables you to pack any dry leaves that you may be cleaning. The bag can then be rolled over onto the curb.

The bag is also large enough to fit most of your cleanups around the yard, may it be twigs, dry leaves or even saw dust/

Mesh rock/plant holder

This makes moving those unshaped objects easily. You simply strap the rock or plant in the potted mover and hook it up to the extension arms and you ready to go. This has a load capacity of up to 80 pounds.

Easy to assemble

Besides the Worx being multi-functional it takes very few minutes to assemble. It is also light weight even when carrying a 300 pound weight. The weight is evenly distributed making it easy to operate.


  • Multi-functional wheelbarrow that converts from a cart to dolly in no time.
  • The design evenly distributes weight making it effortless to move around.
  • Run flat wheels means you don’t have to worry about maintenance
  • Can carry up to 300 pounds which is adequate for residential work
  • Bag holder gives you additional storage especially for cleanup exercises.
  • Been multi-functional saves you time and money


The wheelbarrow is limited in carrying capacity and may not be suitable for very large loads.


This wheelbarrow is able to handle very many tasks and can easily convert from one function to another very easily. It is also economical if you factor in the fact that it’s a cart, dolly and fulcrum all in one.

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