Top 10 Best Wheelbarrows In The Market

Top 10 Best Wheelbarrows In The Market

“I like gardening-it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself ”
Alice Sebold
I’ve always had a green thumb for as long as I can remember. Just how green am I, you ask? Well, while my sisters dolled around with Barbie and Ken, I was in the garden, weeding, mulching or harvesting. My mom has this running joke that I probably knew how to garden before I mastered the art of using a toilet. She regales me with stories of how my imaginary friends were the flowers and vegetables I planted.

My first garden

From a tender age, I always dreamt of owning a beautiful garden someday. That day finally came to pass a few years ago when my husband and I moved into our first home. I was pumped and ready to transform the murky back and front yards into beautiful flower beds. I was armed with all the necessities spanning from 10 yards of mulch to seedlings. I however quickly realized I forgot to invest in one very important tool: a good wheelbarrow.

My frugal husband thought the wheelbarrow left behind by our home’s former owners would do the trick but he was grossly mistaken. It was more of a decorative piece than it was a practical tool. The wheel was kind of mangled and the handles splintered. Even if I tried to shield my hands with a decent pair of gloves, I’d still need to replace the wheel. After weighing all our options we decided to purchase a new wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow we got was the first of many. With each new barrow, we purchased I learnt something new. I hope the wealth of knowledge I’ve garnered will help you find the right one.

Choosing the right wheelbarrow

I have a small build so I personally prefer a lightweight wheelbarrow. That said, I still need to find one that can handle hauling mulch as well as landscaping pebbles.

I figured wood would be lightweight enough to manoeuvre without sacrificing on sturdiness. It would be the perfect fit if it were durable. I also tend to shy away from plastic ones, seeing as they can easily give into the weight of fairly heavy loads. Metal ones are better suited for heavy duty tasks like construction work as well as light gardening.

My husband is a builder so he has used his fair share of metal wheelbarrows. The primary concern with metal wheelbarrows is that some are susceptible to rust. You have to be very keen not to leave them exposed to the elements.

Storage capacity
As I mentioned earlier I have a tiny frame. My 5’3” build cannot a handle a deep tray especially if I opt to fill it to the brim. I will end up panting and heaving like a dog on heat due to excessive physical exertion. However, a deep tray of say 10 cubic feet will be a walk in the park for my heavily built husband. Such wheelbarrows are best suited for construction and sewage uses as opposed to domestic use.

I’m better off with a wheelbarrow of around 5 cubic feet. It is deep enough to carry the intended load in one go without taxing my small build.


There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable grips. You want handles that are not only sturdily attached to the body but also easy on the hands. Splinters were perhaps the only thing that kept me away from the garden growing up. This is coming from a girl who’d forego prom if it meant her veggies and flowers would go unattended.


Our home sits on a hill with the back and front yard slanting downwards. Even though the incline is not that steep, its tilted enough to demand a wheel that’s shock absorbent and stable.

For full control, I usually favour a double wheeled wheelbarrow as opposed to a single wheeled one. However, if you are looking for more stability, there are also triple wheeled and four-wheeled wheelbarrows in the market. The only drawback to increased stability is decreased manoeuvrability. The key is to strike a balance between the two.

Keep in mind I have a garden full of thorny roses that can easily deflate a wheel that’s not thick enough. The bumpy terrain also requires that the wheels be smooth enough to safely bounce over large bumps.

Taking all the above into account, here’s a rundown of the 10 best wheelbarrows in the market.

Comparison table

Load Capacity
Tray depth
Check on Amazon
3 pounds
300 pounds
6 cubic feet
2 pounds
300 pounds
6 cubic feet
2 pounds
300 pounds
6 cubic feet
2 pounds
300 pounds
3 cubic feet
4 pounds
1200 pounds
12.5 cubic feet
1 pound
1100 pounds
2 cubic feet
4 pounds
600 pounds
7 cubic feet
2 pounds
300 pounds
7.5 cubic feet
2 pounds
250 pounds
3.25 cubic feet
2 pounds
550 pounds
6.5 cubic feet

1. Wheelbarrow WB-001


Features and Pros


When my husband was starting out as a builder, I was a glorified masseuse. Every day he came home I had to rub off the pain away. Everything ached from his neck to his back. Wondering what the cause of all this pain was? Yeap you guessed it, carrying heavy loads.

Sure he used wheelbarrows but let’s just say they were the not-so-good kind. By this I mean, he had to conjure up all his might whenever he encountered obstacles in his terrain. He had to lift up the heavily loaded wheelbarrow just so he can surmount a rock or the edge of a concrete floor. Trust me this is no mean feat.

So the first time he came home pain-free best believe I was eager to know what he did differently. The answer was WB-001. Its tripod design and comfortable handle made it so easy to use. For instance, if you have to roll over a rock, all you have to do is push down the handle and the front wheel pops out. It smoothly glides over the rock with very little effort from you.


This barrow is everything I hoped for in terms of stability. My garden is on a hillside so single-wheeled tippy wheelbarrows tend to pose quite a challenge. Thanks to the braking system of its three pneumatic tires, I did not have to worry about losing control.

The best thing about the tires is that they are shock absorbent. I kid you not the motions are so smooth -even on a bumpy terrain- I barely broke a sweat.

The six cubic foot metal tray was more than enough carrying capacity for my gardening needs. In one trip I could carry enough mulch to work on my flowerbed without straining my petite frame.


I happen to be a very visual person. I was bummed that there no visual aids in the assembly instructions

As easy as hauling was, dumping was a different story. The distance between the tray and the handles made it hard for me to dump from the front.

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2.Marathon 70015

Features and Pros

Being a small-scale gardener, I am a sucker for lightweight wheelbarrows that do not compromise on sturdiness. This 29-pound beast was the answer to my prayers. It has cut down on weight by almost 25% while still maintaining strength. This is perfect for my average sized frame.

This baby has all the perks of a metal wheelbarrow with none of the drawbacks. By this I mean, it is sturdy while still being rust-proof. Even so, I’m still extra careful not to expose it to the elements. Better safe than sorry.

Double wheeled
I have suffered at the hands of many teetering single-wheeled barrows for one lifetime. Even when I manage to stay in full control I still end up paying for it with searing muscle aches.

The double wheeled design was a nice change of pace in terms of control and stability. I did not strain when hauling nor dumping.


This is perhaps the easiest wheelbarrow I have ever assembled. Usually, two-wheeled barrows take me hours or days to figure out which bolt goes where and that’s with quite a bit of help from my hubby. This time I did not even consult the internet. All I needed was my crescent wrench and my flathead screwdriver.

Ergonomic handles
The ergonomic handles were such a big win for my sweaty palms. The cushion-grip loop handle was quite easy to hold onto when pulling, lifting and pushing the barrow.

The company has marketed this barrow as best suited for domestic use. To that end, I approve. 300 pounds worth of mulch is more than enough for my garden.

While its lightweight works for me, it’s not the best for heavy and bulky loads.
The dual wheel system has compromised its manoeuvrability.

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3.Jackson M6T22 Contractor

Features and Pros

Stable single wheeled

It’s time to bite my tongue about all I said concerning single wheeled wheelbarrows. Sure a good number of them are tippy and can make it feel like you’re actually carrying the load on your back. But it turns out there’s still a diamond in the rough. Jackson features a tipping crossbar in the front of its tire that makes it quite easy to haul and dump unstable heavy loads. Just how heavy you ask? Think 300 pounds worth of cement, landscaping pebbles and everything in between.

The crossbar offers a single solid square foot on which the load can be pivoted. It doesn’t get any safer than this! While my husband complains that it might be a tad too low for his stature, it is just but the right fit for my 5″3′ build.

Here’s the kicker, its pneumatic tire has 16 inches of tubing. It kind of works like a bike. You have to pump air into the tubing to inflate it. The air acts like a shock absorber making the wheel hella stable. Trust me it’s smooth sailing all the way down and up the hill.


I’m usually a do-it-yourself kind of girl so I prefer ordering it from Amazon as opposed to a preassembled one at the store. The assembly was a walk in the park. The minimalist design made it quite easy for me to figure out what goes where by simply laying out the parts in front of me. If I could do it you can too.

Contractor wheelbarrow
My husband swears by this barrow and with good reason. This man of steel is unlike your run-of-the-mill flimsy plastic barrows. Not only can it hold up to the weight of gardening dirt and mulch but also cement. What’s not to love? It’s hella strong, has a massive carrying capacity and very durable. He always jokes that it might outlive us all. I can’t wait to pass it down three or four generations.

As durable as steel is it’s still susceptible to rust. We always have to be extra careful to store it away from the elements
The tires easily deflate. I propose you invest in a good pump.

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4. Worx Aerocraft WG050

Features and Pros

By now it’s quite clear that my love for gardening is infinity and beyond. Like every good gardener, I have a garage full of tools. There’s barely any space to park our 2 cars. So when I came across an infomercial that informed me I could have 8 of my tools in one I was sold. Worx aerocraft is a dolly, a cart, a plant and rock remover, an extended dolly, a bag holder, a cylinder carrier, a trailer mover and a kick-ass wheelbarrow.

To this day I have not exhausted all its uses. Other than hauling mulch and removing plants and rocks I’m still 6 uses away from realising its full potential. I, however, lent it to my neighbours a few years back when they were moving house. They had nothing but praises over its dolly and extended dolly.

I always say an unstable wheelbarrow is as good as a bucket. Seems like the manufacturer’s got my memo. They came up with a spiffy new design that allows the wheelbarrow to balance at the centre of gravity. The turbo lift achieves this by centering the bulkiest part of the loads directly over the wheels. The results you ask? A bag of cement feels like a kilo of flour.

Flat Free Tires
Imagine having tires that you never had to refill every single time it pricked a thorn or hit the sharp edge of a rock. That’s what flat free offers. It’s a chemical sealant that permanently protects your tires from air loss. This is my go-to wheelbarrow when my roses have bloomed.

Well, as alluring as its versatility is there was a price to be paid. It has a very shallow tray compared to standard wheelbarrows.

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5. Gorilla cart GOR866D

Pros and features

Easy dump

Never have I ever come across a wheelbarrow that dumps everything out in one sweep. I always have to give it a little jiggle. Well, that’s before I came across the gorilla cart. With a slight tilt, the tray bends vertical and everything goes tumbling down in a split second.

Did I mention this barrow has four wheels? Yeap it has the stability of a car. That’s not all it has 13-inch pneumatic tires that can absorb shock when bouncing and drooling over sticks and stones. Not even my bumpy steep terrain is a match for this beast.

Load capacity
Gorilla cart has a load capacity of 1200 pounds. That’s like 8 fully fledged adults. Pretty amazing right? It’s no wonder my husband raves about it.

Thick poly bed
If there are two things I hate when it comes to wheelbarrows is rust and cleanup. Not only does this barrow make it easy for me to clean its completely rust proof. All this is thanks to its high strength poly material and steel frame.

You need not put your back into it for it to move. Being a dump cart, it is pulled rather than pushed. What’s more, its padded convertible handle is quite easy on the hands. Whenever I’m carrying a heavy load that I’m sure will overpower my tiny frame, I have the option of towing it with the lawn tractor. This also comes in quite handy when I’m transporting loads for longer distances.

Assembly is no mean feat. Thank heavens for my handy husband. I could not have done it on my own.

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6. True Temper KPWB10

Features and pros
kiddie wheelbarrow
My 3-year-old little munchkin seems to be following in my footsteps. We bought her this wheelbarrow for Christmas seeing as she spends more time “helping ” in the garden than she does playing house with her dolls.

I love how lightweight the wheelbarrow is. Even when she fills it to the brim she stills maintains full control. Granted it cannot carry much -being made of poly plastic- it still serves its intended purpose. Which is keeping my kid happy. What’s more, the poly plastic is corrosion free.

Hardwood handles

One of my main concern when buying this wheelbarrow was its comfort. I’ve had my fair share of splintered hands and I wouldn’t wish the same on my baby. I was glad that it was made from 31 inch sealed

Not only are the handles a sight for sore eyes the wood is completely protected from spills and scratches. This is a huge win for an adventurous 3-year-old.

It took me less than 10 minutes to assemble it. This was an all-time record high! Seems like plastic does have its advantages after all. All I needed was a screwdriver. Its long screws cut through the plastic tray like a hot knife through cheese.

I won’t lie the hard plastic wheel leaves a lot to be desired. In the face of abuse, they tend to wear out very quickly
It is more of a toy than a practical tool. It will not hold up to actual work.

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7. Gorilla GOR4PS

Features and pros

New frame design
Gorilla GOR4PS is kind of like the elder brother of the GOR866D. It’s still maintained the four-wheeled design with a few more bells and whistles. The most notable improvement has to be the new and improved frame design.

So what’s so cool about this new design?

For starters, the assembly time has been vastly improved upon. Unlike the GOR866D I did not need my husband’s help.

Secondly, manoeuvrability is much better. Most four-wheeled barrows usually compromise on this in an effort to maximise on stability. I kid you not, this baby can cut through corners and turns like a single wheeled barrow.

The third benefit is the one I was most excited about. What is it you ask? Improved ground clearance. This is the space between the ground and the base of the wheelbarrow. If you live on a plateau the ground clearance may not be such a big deal. But for those of us with gardens on bumpy hillsides, it makes a world of difference. Why? The higher ground clearance prevents the tub of the barrow from getting scratched

Easy unloading
It’s become a staple in the days I’m in a hurry. Its quick release and dump feature allows me to do the same amount of work in almost half the time.

There’s nothing better than having a barrow that works with you and not against you. This is exactly the premise of this barrow. Being a pull cart, very little effort is needed to make it move. Even when it’s decked with 600 pounds worth of mulch or cement, I barely break a sweat pulling it. I also love the padded handles. Not only is anti slippery it’s also very gentle on my hands.

Though the metal base is sturdy, the plastic bucket may be thinner than I’d like it to be.

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8. Rubbermaid FG564200BLA

Features and pros
High-density polyethene (HDPE) body

As much as I enjoy how lightweight plastic barrows are, their lack of strength and stability kind of kills the vibe for me. So when I learnt that there is indeed a plastic barrow that’s light while still, sturdy I was all in. Rubbermaid is made of HDPE plastic, easy to clean, durable and strong.
Easy dumping
I for one adore how smooth it is. When dumping, the mulch easily slides off the tray like July’s rain off a duck’s backs feathers. It was a nice change of pace from traditional wheelbarrows that beg a lot of physical exertion from me. I usually have to completely tilt the barrow to an upright position then dive deep into mulch to manually offload it.

Large pneumatic wheels
Its two large pneumatic wheels ensure stability. It does not teeter when in motion as the centre of gravity is at the centre, which frees your arms from unnecessary pressure. The pneumatic tires absorb shocks such as when the dump truck bumps into a wall or when you roll it down a steep, hard terrain or the stairs. It is also very easy to manoeuvre this dump truck – mostly because it has two wheels.

Ergonomic handles
The handles are big and easy to hang on to. So much so that there’s never any strain on my arms and shoulders. They consist of a one-piece moulded-in design which requires zero maintenance and does not loosen.

Other neat features
• It has an all-plastic seamless pan design to enable easy cleaning and prevent cracking and leaking (because HPDE does not absorb moisture), which ensures lasting durability.
• It has a carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds.

It has a small load-bearing capacity: 300 pounds is on the lower side.

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9. Bosmere W302

Features and pros
Folding wheelbarrow

If you like to travel, prefer a lightweight barrow and are cramped for space this is the wheelbarrow of choice. Why you ask? Well, this barrow can be folded flat. I know what you are thinking; just how portable is it? Well, let’s just say you can carry it anywhere in short notice. Other than the 2-pound wheel, the body is almost paperweight. You can fold it and place it in the car or even prop it on a wall if you are cramped for space.

Polyester bag
To bolster its portability/convenience credentials, the barrow does not have a hard plastic or metal tray/bed. Instead, it has a PVC-backed polyester bag, a canvas which easily folds to ensure the wheelbarrow does not take up too much space. This also ensures that the wheelbarrow has a lighter weight than average. Two more things about the bag that make it perfect for travel:
I. It comes with wipe clean surfaces, making cleanup easier.
II. It has pouches on its back for the storage of small tools.

Solid wheel tire
As stable as pneumatic wheels are, they do not guarantee durability. If I had I a penny for every time my pneumatic wheels got a puncture I’d probably own a sleek BMW. Then there’s headache of re-inflation after every puncture. Sigh!
However, you need not fret about all the above with the solid wheel tires of Bosmere W302. The only drawback is you’ll have to sacrifice stability. That said I’d only recommend this for flat terrains seeing as it also single wheeled and it’s not shock absorbent.

• The PVC polyester bag cannot handle heavy, rough or sharp objects; so take extra precaution on that account. Use the wheelbarrow only for lighter materials.

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10. Lifetime 65034

Features and pros

Load capacity
When I first saw this wheelbarrow I didn’t think it would be anything special. Other than being double wheeled I thought it looked hella dated. Boy was I wrong. But after using it to move two tons of landscaping pebbles, some very mature and well-rounded shrubs, and 18 cubic yards of mulch, two tons of rocks, I’m a convert.

I love that the tray is machined from 100% recycled post-consumer material. Like I said before I’m green through and through. Even so, it’s still sturdy enough to withstand a 5; drop of boulders. You need not fret about the handles and frame breaking or splintering seeing as they are constructed from powder coated steel. What’s more, the rubber grips are quite a treat for sweaty sensitive hands that easily get blistered like mine.

With 15.5-inch pneumatic tires, best believe this barrow is a workhorse. The wheels are easily inflated, and quite strong to handle any kind of terrain. The powder coated metal bearings and steel rims can have been plying my rocky steep garden for a year now and they still look as good as new.

I’m no stranger to brands promising one thing and doing another. So when Lifetime claimed that the wheelbarrow ease my workload by 85%, I did not buy it. I tested the claim and I’d be remiss if I didn’t give them their deserved acclaim. Not only was it easy to dump loads it was quite easy to move it. There are so many times I’ve had to shovel mulch back into a barrow after it tips and rolls over a brick or a pothole. Not once did I have such an experience with this Lifetime wheelbarrow.

Caution! Assembly is a two man job

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Wrap up

The beauty of the wheelbarrows available in the market is in their diversity. There are no two that are alike to the last detail. Each is curated to serve a specific need and a specific person. What might work for my garden will be quite different from what my husband requires in his construction site. The key is finding one that serves and meets at least 90% of your needs.

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