Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Camo

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Camo

This is the review of the mac sports collapsible folding Outdoor utility wagon, one of the best foldable wagons

Thinking of taking a trip to the beach or you have a lot of clean up on your yard. You may consider the Mac sports Collapsible folding utility wagon.

If you are thinking of taking an outdoor trip then this wagon really comes in handy, you can just fold it up and stack it in your motor vehicle and you are good to go. You can also easily through in your young kids inside.

Large Storage Capacity

When it comes to a wagon weight is everything, you need something that loads up all your stuff in one trip. The Camo has a carrying capacity of up to 50 pounds. Which is quite adequate for those yard clean ups.

When you are out in the beach or in the woods you can easily fit your gear in this wagon.

You also get two cup holders to put your beverages in or you can choose to put those small objects that easily get lost like keys, phone or power bank.

Heavy duty fabric

The heavy duty 600D fabric can also handle lots of load without you worrying about tear. It is handy enough to resist sharp objects and rocks. It is also easily washable and lasts for very long.

Extended Handle

The handle lets you pull and push the wagon across any terrain easily. You can adjust the handle to accommodate you height.

The handle also helps in your maneuvering over any terrain; it can easily handle those sharp corners and sandy soils.

Easy to assemble

When looking for a wagon to use for a trip you need one that you can easily set up within minutes. The camo wagon can easily be folded and is small enough to fit in most motor vehicles. You do not need to be an expert or require an array of tools to set it up.

This ease of assembly makes the camo a top seller for those camping trips and any outdoor activities.

Large tires

The camo comes with these rubber tires that are able to handle any terrain. May it be rocks, sand or simply your backyard these wheels are all purpose.

Since the wheels are made from rubber you do not have to worry about them getting deflated. The wheels easily turn to 360 degrees making the camo easy to maneuver different terrain.

The wheels are also able to handle most of the weight that you put on the camo. This makes your pulling easy as weight is evenly distributed in the camo. It also puts less strain on your hands and back.


  • Durable fabric that is easy to clean
  • Two mesh cup holders
  • Easy to assemble and dismount
  • Variety of colors blue, green, red and camo
  • Rubber tires that get rid of the need to inflate them.


When moving uphill the wagon lacks breaks to prevent it from going back.


This wagon is quite ideal for anyone thinking of an outdoor activity. The wagon can easily be folded and assembled giving you that flexibility when travelling. The load capacity is quite adequate for those light loads.

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