Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart

This a review of the Gorilla GOR200B Poly Dump cart, one of the largest heavy duty cart

This cart is designed to handle large loads effortlessly without you putting lots of strain. You can load lots of sand, soil and rocks and with a patented release; you can easily off load your contents.

Traditional wheelbarrows tip over when carrying heavy loads and can be very clumsy when pulling. You also cannot steer it easily without bringing fatigue on your forearms and back.

This cart is not only suited for the residential owner but it also works well for commercial use. At 35 pounds this cart is quite light and can be easily transported.


10” Pneumatic tires

These tires are made for any terrain, whether rocky, sandy or a flat bed. The tires are well suited to handle 600 pound of weight effortlessly.

The air filled tires also act as shock absorbers and give the loads stability when transporting.

The tires are very durable and do not need a lot of maintenance. They also can handle those sharp objects.

Rust resistant bed

This cart comes with a rust free poly bed that comes in a steel frame. This makes it very durable. The cart can handle weights of up to 600 pounds, which is quite handy for residential use. This also reduces the number of trips that you make.

You can also stack loads to up to 20 inches which helps a lot when loading logs. You may need to fasten them though, to prevent them from spilling over.

The bed is also easy to clean and can last for many years as it is rust free.

Quick Release

Unloading has never been easy courtesy of a patented release handle. This reduces your workload as you do not need to use a shovel again to offload. The quick release works very well when offloading gravel, sand or stones.

Easy to Assemble

Each bolt and nut is labeled and goes to a particular marked place, simplifying the process. You will need a wrench or socket to assemble it. The cart comes with an easy to use manual, assembling will take you few minutes

Cushioned Handle

The cart comes with a cushioned, comfortable handle that enables you to pull very heavy loads without getting blisters. You can also fasten the handle to a lawn truck to carry those very heavy loads. The handle is long enough for those tall people.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Patented quick release handle for easy offloading
  • Large load capacity at 600 pounds.
  • You can stack up loads up to 20 inches.
  • Cushioned handle for maximum comfort.
  • Pneumatic turf tires that can handle tough terrain.
  • Comes with a durable rust free steel frame


Just with any air filled tires there is the problem of tires getting deflated by nails or other sharp objects.


This cart is designed to handle those heavy loads without making a lot of repeat trips. It can handle a wide range of terrain making it ideal for gardening to moving loads around the yard.

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