Xtreme mower blade reviews – Where can you find blades that are suitable for use in the snow?

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You do not have to limit your search for the best mower blades to the widely purchased brands alone. There is a variety of options available, some of which offer real value for money. Arnold Xtreme blades are pocket friendly, and guarantee great performance. Finding Xtreme mower blade reviews will help understand just what you are missing,


My John Deere LA135 mower needed replacement blades after the stock blades finally gave in. I had used the set for a year, and had received the mower in used condition. I wanted to find great replacement blades that would last at least the same length of time as the stock blades, without spending too much money. While most brands offer decent quality blades, I was in the market for a unique set that had great features too. When I searched on the internet, I discovered a few Xtreme mower blade reviews that helped sway my decision.


  Arnold 42 inch Xtreme blades
edges jagged
Lift high
Compatibility Universal
Rating 4.5


Arnold 42-inch Xtreme Blade Set

These Xtreme blades are made of high quality materials, and offer a great cut each time. They are strong and durable, and will deliver long term service. For added convenience, these blades are easy to install and will fit most mower decks of a similar size.


The blades are hardened through an austempering process that makes them harder than regular blades by up to 30%. Due to this additional hardening, they will outlast other blades and will offer great service for heavy duty work.


Arnold Xtreme blades are curved upwards to increase the aerodynamic lift during cutting. They will ensure a clean cut with each mow, regardless of the condition of the turf. They also have sharp jagged edges and a longer cutting surface, which are designed to help cut the grass thoroughly each time.


Arnold Xtreme blades are easy to fit and install on most mower decks. Thy are universally fitting, and do not vibrate when fastened. They are silent, and guarantee an efficient and enjoyable mowing experience.


These blades work better than regular blades. The high lift generates power, which aids your mower in cutting the grass without leaving any undone patches. It can be too powerful for small engines. Before replacing your stock set with these blades, you should compare the thickness of the two blades and research how Arnold Xtreme blades might affect the RPM.


  • Strong and durable
  • Guarantees a great cut
  • High lift for consistent performance under all weather conditions
  • Compatible with most mower decks
  • Easy to install


  • Not perfect angle for mulching
  • Might be too thick for low-power motors.

My verdict

I found a real steal with the set of Arnold Xtreme blades. They are tough and durable, and are designed for great performance. The blades have curved and jagged edges, which increase the aerodyna,mmic lift. The variety of features available for these blades, including mulching and bagging capability., make the blades a worthwhile investment for any landscaper. They blades are snow-friendly too, and are coated to protect them against rust. I will be using these Xtreme blades for a while!


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