Toro time master gator blades review – How to save time on tough lawns with the toro time master.

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Toro time master stock blades are hardy and durable. However, genuine toro replacement parts can be outside the budget for many landscapers. There are a number of replacement blades that are suitable for the time master. This toro time master gator blades review will help enlighten you on the available replacement blades that offer best value for money.


I have mowed the lawn with my toro time master for almost a decade now. I started when I was 14 and living with my parents. When they both left me our ancestral home to explore the country in their retirement, I felt that I should continue keeping the lawn neat as I always have. I had no problem until a few months later when the time master blades wore out. Since I did not have a large budget, I could not afford genuine stock toro time master replacement blades. I researched this time master gator blades review on the internet to find the available options.


  Toro 91-2256-03 Mulching blades Oregon 96-382 set of 3 gator blades Toro time master replacement blades
Can mulch yes yes Yes
hardened yes yes yes
jagged jagged jagged jagged
Rating 4.4 4.5 4.7


Toro time master replacement gator blades

The multipurpose toro time master replacement blades can be used for mulching, bagging and disposal. They are made of high quality materials, and guarantee a great cut. These blades are energy efficient, and will require little effort when cutting the lawn. They are jagged and sharpened along the edges, which helps to cut down the grass into manageable sizes.


High quality materials

Jagged edges for finer cut

Can be used for heavy duty work

Useful for a variety of functions


Not tilted at the best angle for mulching

Oregon 96-382 set of 3 gator blades

The G3 set of 3 blades is convenient. You can replace each blade after a certain period of time to ensure that the blades are fully maximized. They are easy to install and will fit the toro time master deck securely, preventing any damage to the blades or the mower’s components. These blades will work well even when the turf is wet because of the high lift. They are powerful, and will ensure efficiency with every lawn mowing session.


Works well in all weather conditions

Will not streak when wet

Can be used for heavy duty work

High lift generates more power for a better cut


Not tilted at the best angle for mulching

Toro 91-2256-03 mulching set of 3 blades

The set of three toro replacement blades can be used for mulching, which is great for your lawn. You may use these blades on tough turfs, wet patches and for heavy duty work because they are hardened to improve their lifespan and performance. These blades are very easy to install, and will fit the toro time master deck without any vibrations. They are not as piowerful as the gator blades listed above.


Strong and high quality materials

Available in a set of 3 blades for better management

Are hardened and durable


Might be less powerful than other blades

My verdict

I am leaning towards the highly rated Toro time master replacement gator blades. They are strong and durable, and have been hardened for longer blade life. They may also be used on difficult lawns with thick grass, rocks and other foreign objects. The blades have a high lift, and can be used for mulching. These qualities make the blades ideal for my turf. They also work well in wet conditions due to the high lift, making them an ideal choice for cold and wet months. I would recommend these blades for your toro time master!


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