Toro atomic blades vs recycler – Which blades are ideal for mulching?

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Toro atomic and recycler blades can be useful for tough, damp and quick growing grass. They are hardened for durability, and are compatible with a large number of mowers. This toro atomic blades vs recycler comparison seeks to find the better blades for mulching.


I moved in with my fiancee into our new home near the city. I had a JD STX 38” mower which had mulching blades and kit installed. I could not move with the mower, and had to sell it off. I bought a used Toro 22” after a week at our new place to keep the lawn neat and trim.

Since I was looking for new blades, I compared toro atomic blades vs recycler blades to find the perfect set for mulching my lawn’s Bermuda grass.


  Toro Atomic Blade Recycler
Lift High Lower
Hardened Yes Yes
Aerodynamic flow Suction Cyclic


Toro atomic blade

This blade is compatible with 22” decks. It is curved upwards to help create an aerodynamic lift for clippings during mulching.

Performance and design

The blade is designed with jagged and sharpened edges, which maximize the ability to cut clippings into a smaller size.

The blade is made in a standard fitting, which reduces the likelihood of vibrations, for a more effective performance. The toro atomic blade will be less likely to wear out around its fitting as a result of the compatible sizes.


  • Powerful
  • High lift for effective performance
  • Durable


  • May streak in wet conditions
  • Can be loud

Toro recycler

Like the atomic blade, the recycler is also compatible with 22” decks. It is lower than the toro atomic blades, which makes it slightly less effective in mulching. It can also be slow as a result of this.

Performance and design

The blades are hardened for strength and durability. The edges are sharp, and tilted upwards to increase the cutting surface area.

However, the blades are not specially designed for mulching. While they can be used with mulching mowers, they are too low and offer no aerodynamic support. To ensure efficient mulching, you could remove your mulching kit and opt for manual methods.

The recycler blade is designed to fit perfectly to a similar sized mower, which reduces the likelihood of vibrations and friction wear.


  • Powerful
  • Strong and durable


  • Might be incompatible with certain mulching kits
  • Slow
  • Have less lift


My verdict

The recycler is more tunnel shaped than the mower, which makes installation of a mulching kit a little tricky. If you cannot correctly do it yourself, you may need to seek professional assistance. Toro atomic blades are better suited for mulching. They are jagged and sharp along more of their edges to ensure more cutting contact.

If you mow your lawn more than once a week, you can take out the mulching kit and discharge the clippings directly from the mower back onto the lawn. Toro atomic blades are effective at cutting up short grass into a small size even without the kit installed.


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