Toro atomic blade vs gator blade – Can flat blades replace curved stock blades?

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Manually replacing your mower blades can be challenging for anyone without regular experience. There are a number of different blades available. Most manufacturers make universally fitting blades for standard mowers. This toro atomic blade vs gator blade comparison will help explore replacing your blades with different sets.


I have a Lawn-Boy 1606 with a curved stock set of toro atomic blades. The blades have served me for a while, and I felt it was time to replace them. I like to do my own maintenance and repairs, but only have a few years of experience. When I bought a universal set of gator blades, I was surprised to find out that they were straight while my toro atomic blades had a curved profile.

I looked for comparisons on the internet to find out whether they were compatible. Toro atomic blade vs gator blade comparisons helped to relax my fears.


  Toro Atomic Blade Gator blade
surface Curved Flat
Edge Jagged Jagged
Universal fit Yes Yes


Toro atomic blades

These blades are ideal for mulching mowers. They are among the best brand for cutting grass clippings into a fine dust. They are curved and sharpened along more of their edges, which increases their ability to cut through grass clippings.


Toro atomic blades are popular options for most mowers. They are universally designed to fit standard mower decks.


Toro atomic blades will break down your clippings into fine dust. They are extra sharp and curved upwards to improve their grinding ability. However, they are shorter than other blades and may not grind leaves as effectively, which could pose a problem during fall.


  • Perfect for mulching
  • Strong and powerful
  • Compatible with most mowers


  • Thinner than most blades
  • Not efficient with leaves
  • Poor lift

Gator blades

These blades are powerful. They lift your grass before cutting it, which guarantees a better cut. Unlike curved toro atomic blades, they are flat, and have tilted edges.


Gator blades are designed to lift the grass and cut the clippings into fine pieces. Their shape enhances the aerodynamic lift, which sucks in clippings to a chute for disposal. They are ideal for most weather conditions, due to their high lift properties.


Universal gator blades are compatible with most mower decks. They are ideal replacements for your mower. They are suitable for decks which previously featured curved blades, provided they are set securely.


  • Efficient and powerful
  • Ideal for most conditions
  • Ensures a clean cut
  • Compatible with most mowers


  • Not the best choice for mulching


My verdict

Using both toro atomic blades and gator blades helped me to experience their differences first hand. Toro atomic blades are ideal for mulching. They are perfect for use when my grass is short and the lawn is relatively dry. When the grass grows thicker and taller, my high lift gator blades are better suited for clipping the grass. I can now schedule better use of my blades.

Both blades are compatible with a number of mowers. You can comfortably interchange them to your liking.

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