Stens vs Oregon blades- Which blades cut better?

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Your mower blades will be the difference between quick, efficient work and rugged do-overs.When choosing the right blade, you should consider thickness, quality of materials, compatibility with your mower and the level of performance. This review of Stens vs Oregon blades will compare two leading brands to help you find the best one for your lawn.


I had a hard time choosing mower blades when my mower broke down. You have three different types of blades to choose from, with a number of leading brands for each type. I carried out a survey in my neighborhood to find out which brands were popular and how they performed.

I found out that most people use Stens and Oregon blades. Further research helped me to pick an ideal blade.


  Stens blades Oregon blades
Can Mulch Yes Yes
Lift Lower High
Hardened Yes Yes


Stens blades

The Stens 340-066 PK2 mulching blade is one of the brand’s leading names. It is easily compatible with most lawn mowers. Each of the blades in the set has a longer sharpened edges, which may require some sharpening after long periods of use.


The set of two blades is the right length and fit for most mower decks. These blades are extra sharp, and are tilted upwards to help break down the grass further inside the deck.


These blades are efficient. They will give your lawn a neat look with a guaranteed straight cut. As mulching blades, they will fertilize your lawn and enable better growth in the long run.

However, these blades are thinner than other blades. This will result in less power when cutting, which might mean more work.


  • Will guarantee an even cut
  • Compatible with any 42-inch deck
  • Have an ideal tilt for mulching


  • Are thinner than most other blades

Oregon blades

Oregon’s G3 95-605-3 is a set of three gator blades that can be classified as both high lift and mulching blades. They may also be compatible with other machines.


The blades are thick and have extra sharp edges. They are also made of fortified steel,which may be up to 20% stronger than regular steel blades. Oregon blades are also treated through an austempering process,which makes them thicker and stronger than other blades.


The thick blades are tilted upwards to improve mulching performance. They are hardy, and will last longer than other available brands. They will be compatible with any standard 54-inch deck.

Oregon blades are not perfectly tilted for mulching.You may have to spend longer amounts of time when using this feature.


  • Will produce an even cut
  • Stronger than most blades
  • Are more powerful


  • Tilt angle is slightly off for ideal mulching performance


My verdict

Stens and Oregon produce strong and durable blades. However, Oregon blades were thicker than Stens blades, which provided more power. I have not had to redo any patches since I took up Oregon blades. Thanks to their great quality, I will not have to make this decision again in a really long time.

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