Stens mower blade reviews – Can I find a set of heavy duty blades for use at home?

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Heavy duty blades are designed to handle large tracts of lawn and other duties that may not be efficiently done by regular blades. Grinding moist leaves and pine cones, as well as tall and thick grass may wear out regular blades quickly. Heavy duty blades are thicker and harder than these blades, and are designed for the tough tasks. Looking through stens mower blade reviews could help you find a great heavy duty set that may be ideal for your home.


I did not know that manufacturers made heavy duty blades for tough work. For over a year, I kept mowing with blades that regularly wore out because of my difficult lawn. I have a few trees, and sometimes they drop leaves, branches and cones onto the turf. When I went to change the third set of blades in under 12 months, my aftermarket parts supplier suggested that I look into stens mower blade reviews online to see whether I could consider a change.


  Stens 330-501 PK3 high lift blades
lift high
Number of blades in set 3
Rating 4.1


Stens 330-501 PK3 high lift blades

These stens blades are available in a set of three. They are easy to install, and will fit most decks well. These blades are durable, and are designed for heavy duty work. They could help keep your tough turf under control.


The stens 330-501 set of blades is very powerful. It is thick and hardened for durability, as well as improving its performance for heavy duty tasks. It also has a high lift, which generates large suction to ensure that each part of the lawn is cut neatly and evenly. The blades are easy to maintain, as they require minimal sharpening.


These blades are straight and smooth around the surface. They have a larger sharpened surface than regular blades, making it easy to cut grass, leaves, sticks and pines into much smaller sizes. The blades are universal fit, which reduces any likelihood of vibrations that may damage the mower and blades.


  • Ideal for heavy duty work
  • Works well on wet turfs
  • Minimal blade maintenance required
  • Easy to install


  • Might be too thick for low power mowers


My verdict

The heavy duty set of 3 Stens 330-501 blades has helped to keep my lawn free from pines and leaves. I no longer have to manually collect the leaves and cones when they drop onto my lawn. These heavy duty blades are great for grinding down leaves and pines, which regularly pose a landscaping problem for me. I do not have to consider cutting my trees to keep my lawn neat. With the high lift Stens blades, I have a powerful set of blades that will help me get my mowing done throughout the year. These blades are also very thick and sturdy, and come in a set of 3, which means I will not be looking for replacement parts any time soon..

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