Standard vs high lift mower blades – Which one is better for a professionally done lawn during spring?

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Spring brings with it increased foliage and more plant activity. While spring may be colorful and lively, you will need to maintain your lawn more often. With certain mower blades, you may need to go over your lawn twice or thrice to give it a perfect look. This review of standard vs high lift mower blades will help you get a clean cut in just one take .


I always wanted to be a real estate agent. Helping people find a place to call home is so satisfying. As an agent,you often have to roll up your sleeves and take care of some aspects of home maintenance to reduce your expenses. My wife and I landscape all our homes before we put them on the market.

During spring, we often have to cut lawns more than once every other week. We even have to do over some lawns for the perfect finish.

Since I researched standard and high lift mower blades, I have saved a lot of time trying to find the perfect cut.


  Standard blades High lift blades
Lift Standard High
Aerodynamic force standard suction
Shape Flat Curved


Standard mower blades.

The standard blades are straight and sharpened around the edges. They produce a clean cut, with the grass deposited into a special compartment for bagging, or disposed back onto the lawn.


The blades are designed to produce a clean cut. However, they are less powerful than high lift blades. You may have to spend more time cutting the lawn if the grass is thick,or tall.


Standard blades may cut thick grass unevenly. This is even more likely with wet grass. During Spring, with regular light showers, this will mean more work to ensure the lawn looks perfectly level.


  • Easy bagging and disposal


  • Not ideal for wet grass
  • Thick, tall lawns may require more work.

High lift blades

These blades are curved upwards to increase the mower’s suction force. They are designed with wings,which blow the cut grass out of the mower during disposal.


The blades create a strong suction force which lifts the grass before cutting. This makes it easy to achieve a perfect cut, since the blades will work around the same level for the entire lawn.

The high amount of power generated may result in more noise. Remember to wear your muffs when mowing.


High lift blades are curved upwards to create a better aerodynamic lift during suction.Once the grass is cut, it is sucked into the chute and disposed off into a bag or back onto the lawn.


  • Ideal for tall grass
  • Cuts lawn evenly in one take


  • May suck in foreign objects, which could increase likelihood of injury if not properly covered.
  • Are noisier


The verdict

For thick spring growth, the powerful high lift mower blades are better than standard blades. They offer a more even cut, which reduces the likelihood of do-overs. For homeowners and landscape experts, they are the more efficient option.


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