Rotary mower blade review- What are the best lawn mower blades with a smooth edge?

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Gator blades and other high lift blades have jagged edges for a thorough cut. However,these blades can fall outside the price range. There are a few straight edged replacement blades that can serve just as well on your mower deck. Rotary blades are a great example. Even if they are not jagged, they are powerful and hardened for durability. They can serve you just as well as jagged edged blades could. Explore this rotary mower blade review to find out whether you should consider these blades.


I was working with a limited budget when I was looking for a set of replacement blades for my mower. There were a number of blades available for me, but I wanted to find a friendly priced set which would offer great service on a regular lawn. I looked on the internet for the best rotary mower blade review and settled on the Rotary 10361 high lift set of 3 blades.


  Rotary 10361 PK3 High-Lift


lift high
edges smooth
ratings 4.3


Rotary 10361 PK3 High-Lift blades

The set of rotary blades is available with three replacement pieces. They are tough and hardened, making them ideal for long term service. These blades are smooth around both edges, but have been sharpened along more of their surface than regular blades. They are very energy efficient, and will help reduce your overall mowing time.


The smooth-edged blades are tilted upwards to help boost the aerodynamic lift within the deck that may be useful for disposal. These blades are made with a high quality material, and are austemper hardened to ensure longevity. They have standard fittings, which makes them compatible with most decks. They should fit compactly, reducing any likelihood of vibration which may cause damage to the blade and mower.


These blades are powerful! They generate a great suction force due to their high lift. They will work well on most turfs, even when the grass Is wet. The blades are sharpened along more of their surface than regular blades, which increases their efficiency during cutting. These blades are thick and durable, and may be used to grind leaves as well.


  • Powerful lift
  • Guarantees a great cut due to the sharp smooth edges
  • Available in a set of three blades
  • Great energy consumption efficiency
  • Suitable for use on wet lawns


  • Not ideal for mulching

My verdict

The blades have offered me great service so far. They are thick and durable, and will last a long time. I did not have any trouble installing them in the mower, since they are designed with a universal fit. These blades have been very efficient, thanks to their powerful high lift. I do not have to re-do any patches of work, and have been enjoying my mowing. The blades were priced well, and have been a worthy replacement set for me. I will consider smooth edged blades for my deck in future too!


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