Predator mower blade reviews- Which blade offers the best value for money?

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Predator mower blades are ideal for all types of work. These blades are thick and sturdy, and are jagged around the edges to ensure that each cut is clean and thorough. These blades are great with most mowers, and may improve your mowing experience. You may look through predator mower blade reviews to find the best blades for your mower.


I had heard a lot about different blade brands and types from different sources. I knew that some blades were better than others, and I was interested in finding the best one for me. I have a John Deere mower with a set of stock blades. When they started showing signs of aging, I researched the different types of blades I had heard about. A number of predator mower blade reviews helped shape my decision. This is the set of blades I went with.


  Predator Gx20249Set of 2 John Deere 42″ Mower Blades
Number in set 2
edges jagged
thickness .156


Predator Gx20249Set of 2 John Deere 42″ Mower Blades

The Predator Gx202-49 set of twin blades for the John Deere mower is a great fit. It does not vibrate when installed correctly, which will only take a few minutes. The blades will offer quality service for a long time.


The set is hardened,which ensures that it will last for a long time. It is also curved slightly upwards to increase the aerodynamic lift within the deck, which helps to cut the grass even when it has uneven growth, or when wet. The blades are sharpened along more of their edges,which increases their effectiveness.


The Predator Gx blades are powerful. Their jagged edges ensure more of the cutting surface comes in contact with the blades, which increases the likelihood of getting a clean cut. The blades are thicker than most blades, and will work well with most patches of turf. They are silent, and guarantee an enjoyable mowing experience. These blades also require minimal maintenance, since they are not likely to wear out significantly even after hours of work.


  • Powerful performance
  • Great for heavy duty work
  • Guarantees clean cut in most weather conditions
  • Easy to fit and install
  • Long lasting
  • Austemper hardened to prevent breaking and bending


  • Not tilted at ideal angle for mulching

My verdict

These blades work just as well as I hoped. They are thicker than regular blades,and are very strong. They have been hardened to increase the blade life, which offers me more service. These blades were easy to fit and fix in my John Deere deck, and they are also compatible with a number of other mowers. They are reliable even when the grass is wet, and will guarantee a great cut each time. These blades require little maintenance, and they come in a set of two for better blade management. I have had a great experience with these blades and would purchase them again in future.

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