Predator 2 blade reviews What are the most efficient mower blades for cutting through the lawn?

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When buying mower blades, you should consider the length of the blade, as well as the length of the cutting surface. Efficient blades will have a longer cutting surface, and may be jagged to ensure that each turn produces a thorough cut. Looking through Predator 2 blade reviews will help you find an efficient and hardy set of blades.


I try to spend a decent amount of time mowing. I can manage about 45 minutes every weekend. This is okay for my lawn, since it is somewhat small. When the blades are wearing out, finishing the job within that time can be a challenge. Sometimes I end up with a terribly done lawn with messy patches all because I could not get a consistent and efficient cut. I looked on the internet for a solution, and discovered a number of Predator 2 blade reviews that helped shape my next purchase.


  Kubota 20 1/2” Predator 2 blades
High lift yes
edges jagged
Universal fit Yes


Kubota 20 1/2” Predator 2 blades

These predator 2 blades are designed to fit standard mower decks of a similar size. They are efficient and powerful, and will ensure that your lawn looks neat and trim. These blades can be used for mulching, even though they are not tilted at the perfect angle for it. They will help reduce your workload as well as improve your mowing experience.


These powerful blades are sharpened along more of their surface to guarantee a clean cut. They are also jagged at the edges to ensure that all the grass is cut evenly and thoroughly. With these blades, you will be guaranteed a clean cut each time.

The Kubota Predator 2 blades are universally fitting. They are compatible with many mower decks and are easy to install.


The blades generate a lot of power, thanks to their high lift.They offer a great cut on all lawns regardless of the weather conditions. These blades are hardened, and may be up to 40% harder than regular blades. They are also very thick, improving their overall strength. The thickness also reduces their likelihood to bend, which protects the blade from damage.



  • Suitable for heavy duty work
  • Powerful and strong
  • Jagged edges to ensure a thorough cut
  • Universally fitting for most mower decks
  • Hardened for durability


  • An be loud
  • Not ideal for mulching

My verdict

Since I began using the Kubota Predator 2 set of blades on my mower, I have improved its performance significantly. I do not need to worry about the state of my lawn before I take up mowing,since this blade is convenient for all conditions. I am also spending less time and achieving a great output, thanks to the powerful lift that these blades are designed to create. The larger sharpened surface also makes these blades very efficient,, both in terms of energy and time. I enjoy using these blades.

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