Oregon Gator G5 vs G6 – Which blades should you get for your mower?

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You need to consider a number of factors when changing your mower blades. You should compare the thickness and length of both blades, their style and performance. This Oregon Gator G5 vs G6 comparison analyzes the two blades to help you choose the most suitable upgrade.


I have a JD LX188 with a power flow. I used the stock G3 blades that the riding mower came with until recently when I felt that I needed to replace the blades. I had enjoyed using gator blades, and felt that I did not need to make any changes.

During my research, I found Oregon gator G5 vs G6 reviews that helped me determine the most suitable set of blades.


  G5 blades G6 Blades
thickness .167 .250
Heavy duty No Yes
Hardened Yes Yes


Oregon Gator G5 blades

Oregon Gator G5 blades are specially angled to improve their mulching performance. They are hardened and are durable . Even though G5 blades are not the leading brand name, they are a great option for some low-power motors.


G5 blades measure .167 in thickness, which is almost similar to the .149 stock G3 blades. This means that they are compatible with mowers running G3 blades, and may not affect performance. You will have a similar number of rotations per minute with both blades, since there are no significant weight and size differences.


G5 blades are suitable for some typed of heavy duty work. They are stronger than G3 blades, and may be used to grind up leaves. However, they are not as powerful as the G6 blades.


  • Similar in thickness to G3 blades
  • No loss of power in smaller mowers


  • Not ideal for heavy duty grinding

Oregon Gator G6 blades

This brand leading set of blades is thicker, stronger and wider than other Oregon blades. They are designed for a longer cutting edge, which reduces the amount of work. G6 blades may require more powerful engines to work effectively.


These blades measure .250, which is significantly greater than the standard .149 stock G3 blades. The difference in size may cause a change in weight that is too big for your mower to overcome. This will result in an ineffective performance, since the mower is unable to attain the optimum number of rotations per minute.


These blades are ideal for heavy duty work. They grind leaves, pine cones and grass clippings into dust They are more powerful than G5 blades, and are harder too..


  • Ideal for heavy duty work


  • Might be too thick to be effective
  • May cause loss of power and RPM in smaller mowers
  • May cause component failure in smaller mowers


My verdict

My JD LX188 has a 20hp engine, which might be insufficient for G6 blades. Oregon gator G5 vs G6 blade reviews helped me to understand why replacing my G3 with G5 was the better option. Due to their similar thickness, no power is lost during rotation, which improves the efficiency of the mower’s performance. If your lawn needs heavy duty work, you could consider increasing your engine power before installing the heavy duty G6 blades.


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