Why you need to know the different types of mower blades

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There are different mower blades for different types of lawn maintenance. If you are new to gardening and landscaping, you may not know the different blades. This overview will help you identify the different types of mower blades, to find the right one for your lawn.


I often left property maintenance to landlord, until I moved into my own house. I was stunned to find out that there are different types of mower blades. Before I visited a local hardware, I did not know that you could get mower blades for different purposes.

Since I didn’t know exactly what the different blades did, I researched online to find the best one. Here is what I found out.


  Standard blades High lift blades Mulching blades
Functionality 2-in-1 2-in-1 3-in-1
Lift Standard High Standard
Edge Standard Standard Jagged
Aerodynamic lift standard Suction Cyclic


Standard blades

These blades are straight and sharpened around the edges for a single clean cut.


Standard blades are often called 2-in-1 because they can either discharge or bag clippings. Once the grass is cut, it is disposed trough an outlet on the mower. You may attach a bag to prevent the clippings from going back onto the lawn.

End product

The blades are straight and sharpened around the edges. They cut through the grass once, and deposit it through the outlet. If your grass is tall, you may be required to replace the bag.

High lift blades

These blades are lifted and curved upwards to increase the suction power of your mower. The blades are designed for a one-time cutting, with the clippings sucked into a chute. They are then deposited back onto the lawn, or into a collection bag.


High lift mowers generate suction power, which directs grass clippings towards your mower’s chute. The flow of air is upwards and into the mower.


They are designed with wind wings, which help to create suction. These wings increase the air flow, which helps to generate power for suction.

Mulching blades

Mulching blades have the largest cutting surface of the three blades. They are curved upwards and are designed to push back any clippings onto the blades.

  • in-1

Mulching blades offer bagging, discharge and mulching options. They can be used in the same way as standard blades, by discharging the clippings into a bag or onto the lawn.They can also break down the clippings and deposit them directly back onto the lawn.


The blades are curved upwards to create a cyclic flow of air within the mower’s rack. During the process, cut grass is recycled through the blades repeatedly until it is fine.

End product

Mulching blades break down the clippings completely. While other blades may cut the grass once, mulching blades put the clippings through a re-cutting process until they are completely broken down.


My verdict

For me, mulching blades are perfect. They offer the option to discharge or bag clippings, as well as break down mulch. With these blades, I can take care of my lawn’s different needs without having to put in extra work.

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