Mulching vs regular blades-what does your lawn need?

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Mulch can be used on your lawn and garden. It is a healthy alternative to fertilizers, and costs less too. Choosing the right mower blades can help you collect mulch for different uses. If you are interested in growing a beautiful lawn and garden, this mulching vs regular blades review will help you know your mulch!


I took up gardening after my retirement because I found myself with a bit more time on my hands. My wife and I moved into a lovely cottage with a great lawn and expansive garden.

Having lived in the city most of my life, I was not accustomed to gardening. I could not get anything to grow in the first few months. Since my neighbor Mike was having more success, I asked for some help.

Mike told me to collect any grass I cut and use it to create compost. He suggested that I look into mulching vs regular blades for the best type for me.


  Mulching blades Regular blades
  Standard Standard
Aerodynamic flow Cyclic Regular
Edges Jagged straight
Multiple cuts Yes No


Mulching blades

These blades are curved upwards and have a larger sharpened surface to maximize their efficiency. They are designed to cut down grass into much smaller sizes. The clippings are deposited onto the lawn after mowing.

Aerodynamic lift

Mulching blades create circular air motion within the mower’s rack, which increases contact between the blades and grass. As a result, the grass is cut into much smaller sizes than regular mowers can. The circular motion may result in clogging, particularly for long thick grass.

End product

Mulching blades repeatedly cut grass into smaller sizes and deposit them on the lawn. The clippings are so finely cut that you may not need to rake the lawn afterwards to redistribute them evenly.


  • Deposits mulch on the lawn
  • No additional disposal needed


  • Fine mulch may be difficult to bag

Regular blade

Regular blades do not leave mulch on the lawn. The cut grass is forced into a collection bag through a chute on the mower. Gardeners who want to deposit the cut grass on their lawn may choose to remove the disposal bag and spread the clippings around the lawn with a rake.

Aerodynamic lift

Regular blades have a suction lift which is powered by the chute. All clippings are sucked towards this part of the mower for disposal.

End product

Regular blades deposit grass clippings through a chute. You can collect them by attaching a disposal bag, or raking up the cut grass later on. Unlike mulching blades, the grass is cut once. This makes it easy to collect for other uses.


  • Easy bagging of clippings
  • Will not clog


  • Does not cut clippings into fine size

My verdict

If you have both a lawn and garden, you will need a mower with regular blades. You can bag the clippings and determine how much mulch should go back to the lawn, and how much of it could be used to make compost. It could help both look good and grow better, as opposed to just your lawn.

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