Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow – Green – 5 Cubic Foot Poly Tray

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This is a review of the  Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow, best domestic wheelbarrow

Most wheelbarrows are designed with the construction worker in mind, they are just uncomfortable and clumsy for yard workor or for  kitchen gardening.

This is a wheelbarrow designed with the domestic worker in mind. There is a lot of thought put into the design to ensure that a lot strain is not put on your back, arms and neck. It’s a whellbarrow that is both confortable to use without any compromise on functionality.

In case you have had issues with that one wheeled wheelbarrow that clumsy when loaded and easily tips, you need not look further than the marathon dual wheel residential wheelbarrow.


  • Two Wheels

These wheelbarrow comes with two air filled wheels that ensure easy maneuvering over rugged terrain, without worry of load tipping over.

 The wheels give you stability when carrying very heavy objects as weight is evenly distributed amongst the wheels unlike a one wheeled wheelbarrow. This also helps reduce pressure on your muscles when lifting very heavy objects.

Air filled tires act as shock absorbers hence absorbing the shock that would have gone to the hands . This ensures maximum comfort when using the wheelbarrow.

  • Cushion Grip Handle

This handle helps you push and pull the wheelbarrow without putting too much pressure on your back and neck. Weight is easily distributed between your arms, handle and the wheels.

The handle aslo cusions you from blisters that one gets when lifting very heavy objects.

  • Large Load Capacity

This wheelbarrow is not only lightweight in design but it can handle most of your yard loads. It comes with 5-cubic rust free poly tray, that you can can carry over 300 pounds of load. This is quite adequate for light to heavy residential use.

The design used ensures lifting a heavy load is made easy, you can also easily balance and maneuver rough terrain without the load tipping over.

The wheelbarrow even when loaded is still very stable, courtesy of the large wheels and extra support so you can load and off load easily.

Easy to Install

Armed with just a crescent wedge and flathead screwdriver, you can set up this wheel barrow in minutes. Installation can also be done by anyone without the requirement of an expert.

Comparison Table

Marathon Dual Wheel

Worx W050 Aerocart

Lifetime 65034

Weight capacity(pounds)




Type of tires

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Tray size (cubic feet)

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