Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Blue

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We had been using a red flyer wagon previously to pull the kids on the beach. However, it didn't fit our needs anymore, and so we had to hunt for a new wagon. This wagon came up labeled as, "Best Seller" and a good price, and we thought, could it be this easy? We ordered it right away to help us prep for the August holiday. With hundreds of kids visiting the park every year and doing it all only 5 of us, we needed help! I cannot tell you how happy I am at this awesome wagon!!! We added a photo of all our staff in it so you can gauge size. Plenty of room and love the two cup holders in the front.

With this cart you need not worry about assembly issues; all that is solved for you-it comes in a solid box and easy to open. Often it arrives with a slip coat that can be banded to avoid any progressive enlargement.

Key modifications

Easy to store

Its quality is strongly made with a reinforced bottom andhas a convenient toggle in the center of the base which make it easy for you to pull up to wrap the cart to occupy least storage space possible.

The wagon folds very easily, folds up very compact (a strain cord in the middle of the cart.. no folding/unlocking needed). The cab itself wraps correctly but weighs around 25LBs.. sadly, can only be stocked laying down when packed as of the tires, forces it to fall over.


The handle extends easily and has a lock. While people assume it's only a pull cart, you can push it after locking the handle in the standing posture. Often it's easier to use it that way (especially if hauling about more costly things in public spaces).


The tires are big and operate well over various kinds of terrain (hills, dirt, sidewalks, ).They, however, are not bolted to the handle. You can shift the tires without turning the handle -- best for congested areas, but not great when drawing it as it moves around much when transporting bulky objects in the cart.

The wagon has a net bag on the end of the cart for a drink bottle, among other parts.

Remember: The handle can be quite uncertain.. it just stretches roughly 16" past the cart, and can either release (pull-type) or lock (upright). In case you're taller, it may not stretch well to conveniently pull-has a locking device on it to close the extent of the enlargement.

All in all, the wagon can be difficult to pull when fully packed but nowhere close as severe as shipping the pieces yourself, (it needs some power; not good for pulling on steep- terrains).

Employ this vehicle for carrying landscaping and gardening things within the farm.

It Folds naturally into its transport bag for easy carry and constructed by solid steel casing construction with 600 Denier polyester materials.

Save Yourself many Trips

No more goods that are left behind or back-and-forth. This load cart can hold cargos of up to 150 pounds on a sturdy steel casing and strong 600D polyester. Your gear rests on top of four hard tires to assist you to move massive cargos, sand, dirt and grass.

Have everything you require with you for those tasks neighboring the farm, tailgating parties or outside adventures. It's ideal for children’s camping tours and activities too. Two convenient netting pouches maintain your water bottles, mobile phones and keys from getting lost in the cargo.

Keep It Handy and Store Easy

Break your wrappable cart down with a single arm. It wraps down to eight inches. Therefore it is simple to tuck away in minute rooms. Preserve it in your car trunk or RV, store it in the closet or Hang it on the wall. In this manner, you each time access it whenever you require, and hardly note it when you don‘t.

This flexible cart, similar to our fun-toting members, is everywhere the area. From gardening to groceries, you can depend on its sturdy tires and long-lasting polyester to make a quick job of your massive cargo—on any grounds.

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