Laser edge blade reviews – What are the best blades for sandy areas?

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LaserEdge mower blades are designed to cut themselves sharp. They are made with a special material that cuts itself sharp. As this material, Eversharp, wears out, the blade retains a sharpened edge. Laser edge blades are very sharp, and need little maintenance. You can find a few laser edge blade reviews to help you learn more about these great set of self sustaining blades.


I live in Florida, and dedicate about an hour every week to mowing. I am 65 years old, and I’ve enjoyed living in this part of the country. Florida landscapers and homeowners know too well how the sandy surface affects steel mower blades. I often have to sharpen my blades after every second or third mow. This can be hectic as I do not have a lot of time available. I looked on the internet for LaserEdge blade reviews to find a suitable blade for my area.


  Fisher Burton LaserEdge blades
Needs Sharpening no
Edges straight
Lift high
Material Eversharp


Fisher Burton LaserEdge mower blades

Laser edge

These self sharpening blades are designed to stay sharp even after a long time of use. They are made of a material called Eversharp, which is tougher than steel. These blades will not require any sharpening and maintenance over the course of their lifespan as the granular Eversharp will leave a sharpened edge as it wears off.


A few accidents happen every year during mower maintenance. Sharpening the blades, as well as taking them off or putting them on, can be dangerous for people without vast experience or additional help. With LaserEdge blades, you never need to worry about your safety during maintenance.


The average landscaper spends about 20 minutes sharpening a set of blades, and at least 20 more removing and re-installing it. This amounts to almost an hour spent after every few mowing hours to maintain the blades. The self sharpening Eversharp reduces the need for such maintenance. With these blades installed,, you will not spend any unnecessary time on maintenance.
Aside from saving time, the LaserEdge mower blades may also reduce your costs. Most blades wear out faster due to sharpening and maintenance. These blades are ready to use from the moment they are installed, and do not require any additional sharpening. No additional wear and tear can be imposed upon these blades by filing and sharpening.


My verdict

I have not looked back after finding these self sharpening Fisher Burton LaserEdge blades. They are made of a material that is much stronger than steel, which makes them more durable than regular blades. The granular Eversharp material maintains a sharp edge even as the blade wears out. This blade has served me well so far. Unlike regular steel mower blades, I have not had to sharpen these blades after every third mow. I am enjoying the LaserEdge blades and would recommend them for anyone who is having trouble maintaining their blades due to sand.


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