High lift mower blades vs mulching: Which mower blades are suitable for children?

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Mowing the lawn can be a great learning experience for your children. However, they might not be able to handle a clog without adult expertise. If your grass grows really tall and thick, this high lift mower blades vs mulching review will help you find the most convenient blades for your children’s maintenance work.


I have a lawn with really quick-growing grass. I work throughout the week, and try to maintain the lawn every weekend. My wife and I have a set of twin boys, aged nine, and a month-old daughter. My boys, James and Joe, have been learning some responsibilities around the house for over a year now. While they are proficient with most machines, the mower keeps clogging when they work.

I looked through the available mower blade options and got to know more about high lift and mulching blades.


  High Lift mower blades Mulching blades
Can Mulch No Yes
Aerodynamic flow Suction Cyclic
Lift High Lower


High lift mower blades

High lift mower blades cut grass and eject it powerfully through a side chute. You can bag your clippings and use them as mulch on other parts of your home garden.

Blade shape

The high lift mower blades are curved upwards, specifically on the cutting surface. This design helps to generate force, which sucks in any grass clippings and prevents clogging.


These blades create an aerodynamic lift when the motor is running, which helps the chute suck in the clippings.The lift is one-directional,and is aimed towards the chute.

Discharge and bagging

High lift mowers are equipped with a power chute to help discharge clippings. You may bag them or leave them as mulch.


  • Powerful and clog-free
  • Easy bagging


  • Results in a large amount of waste clippings

Mulching blades

Mulching blades seem to make the grass disappear when you mow the lawn. The blades are designed to re-cut clippings into much smaller sizes and spew them back onto the lawn.

Blade shape

Mulching blades have more defined curves than high lift blades. They may also be sharper on a greater amount of their surface than high lift blades. This design helps to cur grass clippings at more points, and to keep the already cut grass in circulation within the mower’s deck.

Aerodynamic performance

Mulching blades use a circulating air system to keep the clippings within the deck. They redirect already cut grass towards the blades, which helps to reduce their size even more.

Discharge and bagging

Mowers with mulching blades will sufficiently chop down clippings. However, they lack sufficient force to bag or discharge clippings, since they are designed to re-cut them into small pieces.


  • Cuts grass completely
  • Mulch will result in a healthier lawn


  • Takes more time with tall grass
  • Might clog

The verdict

Both types f blades are ideal for different types of lawns. If you have tall grass, and intend to have your children mow the lawn, I recommend high lift mower blades because they are designed to get rid of any cut grass immediately. They are less likely to clog because of this. Your children can mow the lawn continuously without needing your supervision.

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