Gator vs Predator blades – Which blades offer the cleanest cut?

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Different types of mower blades are suited for various landscapes and conditions. With proper research, you will find ideal blades for your lawn. This gator vs predator blades review compares the performance of these two types of blades.


When I bought a set of predator blades for my JD 2840A with a 72-in deck, the dealer guaranteed that they would cut just as well as gator blades. I had not had any experience with either, but the blades were worth a try.

I felt that the blades performed reasonably well, but I had trouble getting the perfect cut. I checked out gator vs predator blades on the internet to find out whether I was using the better set of blades.


  Gator blades Predator Blades
Edges Jagged Jagged
Lift Higher Lower
Austemper Hardened No Yes


Gator blades

Gator blades are available for a variety of functions. You can get standard, high lift and gator mulcher options for your lawn. These blades are usually lifted higher than most other brands, which increases the aerodynamic action that lifts the grass during cutting.


The blades are designed to generate enough power to dispose of your grass after you cut it. They are curved upwards, and have sharp tilted edges to increase the surface area of contact for the grass. Their high lift increases the likelihood of a clean cut, even when the weather is not conducive.


They are powerful and high lift for efficient performance. Gator blades generate a lot of force, which cuts and sucks grass clippings through the outlet. Due to the large aerodynamic lift, they offer a clean cut even when conditions are not ideal for mowing.


  • Guarantees clean cut under most conditions
  • Is compatible with many mowers
  • Multifunctional variety


  • Can discharge projectiles through the chute

Predator blades

These blades are high quality replacement blades for your mower. They are tougher than the average mower blade by up to 35%. Predator blades are sturdy and are customized to fit your mower’s deck perfectly.


Predator blades are flattened to fit the standard mower deck. They also have a larger sharpened surface area, which improves their cutting ability. The ragged edges are tilted upwards to maximize the blades’ efficiency.


Predator blades push the grass down when cutting. They can be ideal for mulching. However, they might be uneven, which means that you will have to do over certain patches of the lawn to get a standard clean cut.


  • Guarantees smooth cut for short grass
  • Compatible with most mowers


  • May require more effort with tall, thick grass


My verdict

I found out that predator blades were unsuitable for my lawn. They push down the grass before cutting it, unlike gator blades which lift and cut. The difference is large, with gator blades offering clean cuts even with longer grass.

Since I replaced my predator blades with high lift gator blades, I have had cleaner cuts around my entire lawn. Thanks to gator blades, I spend less time trying to get a perfectly neat lawn.

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