Gator vs mulching blades – Maintaining your lawn in a wet location

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People in wet areas may be tempted to forego landscaping because of inefficient mowing. If your mower just doesn’t cut the grass right, a blade change could help. Some types of blades do not work with wet grass. Read more of this gator vs mulching blades review to find out how to maintain your lawn even when wet.


When I first moved into my new home, I planned to regularly maintain my lawn. I had lived by the beach all my life, and I thought the change in environment would serve me well. I moved into a nice house with a neatly kept lawn.

When autumn rolled in,the place got a little wet. I could not mow the lawn after it had rained, which inconvenienced my schedule. Even when I could, the cut was uneven as some patches were still undone. I looked online for a solution, and the gator vs mulching blades reviews helped me figure out why I was having such a hard time.

  Gator Blades Mulching blades
Aerodynamic lift Suction Cyclical
Can Mulch Yes Yes
Edges Jagged Jagged
Lift High Lower


Mulching blades

These blades are curved upwards for a cyclic flow of air within the rack. They are also sharpened along more of their surface. They have jagged edges ,helping to increase the contact with grass clippings. Mulching blades cut up grass and deposit it back on the lawn as fine mulch.

Aerodynamic lift

Mulching blades are curved upwards into the deck, and are designed to help maintain a circular flow of air. Once grass is sucked into the deck, it is cycled around the deck and broken down further.


Mulching blades break down grass into a fine texture. When the lawn is wet, these blades do not help to generate enough power to cut the grass. As a result, they might be inefficient for use in some conditions.


  • Will fertilize your lawn
  • Breaks down leaves too


  • Inefficient when wet
  • Will take more time

Gator blades

They are high lift blades designed to offer a clean cut,which is followed by powerful suction of the clippings. Gator blades have sharp ed level work around the lawn.

Aerodynamic lift

Gator blades use a suction force to lift the grass when cutting, into the chute for disposal This flow of air is powerful and directed out of the mower. If you do not close the chute, clippings may be strewn across the lawn. This can be an ideal way to save time when mulching.


Thanks to the high lift action, gator blades work under any condition. Whether your lawn is wet or dry, you will have no problem mowing.


  • Efficient in all conditions
  • Guarantees a smooth cut
  • Takes less time


  • Will not break down leaves, which may increase the baggage.


My verdict

The gator blades served me better than mulching blades. With these blades, I can keep my lawn neat and trim regardless of the weather condition. The process is quick, and is usually completed in one take. I have also been able to manually mulch my lawn by laying out the clippings back onto the lawn.

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