Gator blades vs high lift blades – Which blades are better for lawns with tall grass?

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Gator blades and high lift blades are ideal for fall months when the grass is growing quickly and the lawn is littered with leaves. They cut thick grass efficiently and can both bag or discharge the clippings. This gator blades vs high lift blades comparison will help you find the best set of blades for use on lawns with new, tall growth.


I started maintaining my lawn a year ago. I bought a set of mulching blades for my 36” Exmark Viking mower. After a few weeks, the lawn was healthier than ever. The mulch provides additional nutrients and hydration for your lawn at all times.It is broken down into tiny pieces, which makes decomposition quick as well.

The Spring caused new growth, with thicker and faster growing grass. It was very sappy and full of moisture. My mower was slow, inefficient and unable to cut all patches.

I looked on the internet for a solution and found gator blades vs high lift blades that helped me sort out my lawn.


  High lift blades Gator Blades
Lift High Slightly lower
Mulching Incompatible Compatible
Edges Regular Jagged


Gator blades

These blades are designed with sharp but jagged edges to increase the contact surface between the blades and grass.


Standard gator blades have less lift than high lift options, including certain high lift gator blades. They are flattened, and do not have as great a suction force.


Regular gator blades have less lift than high lift blades, which means you will have to put in more effort when cutting your lawn. This could mean re-doing patches that are inconsistently done. If your grass is thick, standard gator blades might be unable to provide a clean cut on the first try.


  • Jagged edges for better cut
  • Strong suction
  • Can be used for mulching


  • Standard gator blades might be less powerful than expected
  • Some blades are not suitable for thick wet grass

High lift blades

These blades are curved to increase the lift of the grass during cutting. They work well under most conditions. Unlike gator blades, they are not jagged around the edges and are designed for a single clean cut.


These blades are straight, sharpened and curved upwards around the edges. The design helps improve the aerodynamic lift, which increases the blades’ ability to cut through your lawn under whichever conditions.


The suction force is more powerful than that experienced when using standard gator blades. The upwards force is enhanced by the curved blades, which allow more grass to be lifted, cut and disposed.


  • Strong suction
  • Powerful performance
  • Suitable for all weather


  • Not ideal for mulching


My verdict

If your grass is really tall, and likely to be moist, you should avoid standard gator blades. If you cannot find high lift gator blades, you should prefer regular high lift blades. They guarantee optimal performance regardless of the condition of the grass.

For thick and tall lawns, always remember that the higher the lift, the cleaner your cut will be.

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