Gator blades review – Why you need multifunctional mower blades.

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Gator blades are made of high quality materials and guarantee great work on all lawns. They are specially designed to help reduce the workload, and are very powerful. Gator blades will improve your mowing experience because they are easy to install, maintain and handle. These blades are readily available for different sized decks. They are multifunctional, and can be used for mulching. Here is one gator blades review that will help you find some great blades.


I have only recently started mowing my own lawn, and did not know much about the blades. I researched on the internet and discovered different types of blades for various purposes. Upon further research, I decided that gator blades were best suited for my lawn. I live in an area with really tall grass that is difficult to cut. I looked through various gator blades to find out which would be best suited for the work, and fit my budget. The gator blades review I researched helped me to discover these great options.


  Oregon G3 96-401 PK2 Gator G3 98-631 mower blades Oregon G3 3-in-1 gator mulcher mower blades
lift high high high
Can mulch no no yes
edges jagged jagged jagged
rating 4.5 4.3 4.3


Oregon G3 96-401 PK2 mower blades

The G3 96-401 PK2 gator blades are easy to install and will fit most mower decks. They are jagged along the edges to ensure that the grass is cut evenly and thoroughly. These blades generate a high lift and will work well even under wet conditions. They are curved upwards, but are not ideally designed for mulching.


  • Has jagged edges for a thorough cut
  • High lift generates more power
  • Suitable for use when wet
  • Easy to fit and install


  • Not ideal for mulching
  • Can be loud

Gator G3 98-631 mower blades

These hardy set of G3 gator blades are tough and durable. They are designed with sharp jagged edges to ensure a thorough cut on each part of the lawn. The blades are great for lawns with thick and tall grass, since they have large sharpened surfaces as well as the jagged edges. They will guarantee a great cut even on wet lawns,due to their powerful lift.


  • Does not streak when wet
  • Easy to fix and install
  • Can be used when the lawn is wet
  • Has high lift, which generates more power
  • Jagged edges for a cleaner cut


  • Not ideal for mulching

Oregon G3 3-in-1 gator mulcher mower blades

The G3 gator mulcher blades combine a number of functions. They are hardened, and are made from durable materials. These blades are great for heavy duty work because they combine a powerful high lift, large sharpened surfaces and great quality materials for an unbeatable set of blades.


  • Has jagged edges for a thorough cut
  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Great for use on wet turfs
  • Can be used for heavy duty work
  • Helps improve the health of the lawn
  • Easy to fit and install


  • Not perfectly tilted for mulching

My verdict

The 3-in-1 gator mulcher mower blades were unbeatable for me. They really cut through the thick grass without much effort. Even when it is rainy, these blades guarantee great performance. They are powerful, but are also very energy efficient. I like the blades because they can be used for mulching. When my grass is growing unevenly, I can mulch all or parts of it to boost good growth. The blades are hardy, and will serve me for a long time. They are easy to install and fit my mower compactly, which makes replacing either blade in the set a few minutes’ worth of work. I have not had to sharpen the blades after a few months of work. I would recommend these blades for everyone.

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