G6 Gator Blade review – Which blades guarantee the perfect cut every time?

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Gator blades are available in G3, G5 and G6 options. They are tough and durable, and are hardened for longevity. The blades are specially designed to create an upwards aerodynamic lift, which helps to increase the power. This G6 gator blade review will help you find an ideal set of blades for your mower.


My Kubota 60” riding mower was advertised as a powerful machine capable of efficient mowing. It was used when I purchased it, and needed a few repairs to get it started. Since I am good with my hands, I had it up without a problem. I tried mowing the lawn, but it resulted in a messy cut. After looking into the deck, I realized that the blades were worn out and needed to be replaced. Since I had worked with gator blades before, I was inclined to look into the same brand for replacement parts. I had used both the gatorG5 and G3blades, and felt that I should try the G6 brand. I researched on the internet for the best G6 gator blade review to help me find a great set.


  Oregon 396-787 kubota
Lift High
Can Mulch Yes
Heavy duty work Yes
rating 4.1



Oregon 396-787 kubota G6 gator blades

These G6 gator blades are designed to offer a great cut even for lawns with leaves, moisture and pine cones. They are powerful, and guarantee great performance for heavy duty work.

Aerodynamic lift

The blades are curved upwards, providing the mower with an aerodynamic lift that raises the grass before cutting. These wings also increase the contact surface of the blade, helping to cut down grass quicker.


The blades have a curved surface, which enables them to enhance the mower’s aerodynamic lift. The edges are sharpened, to increase their ability to cut through the grass. They are also jagged, ensuring that the mower can break down clippings into extremely small sizes, which might be better for muching.


The Kubota G6 gator blades are thicker than G5 and G3 blades, making them more durable and better suited for heavy duty work. These blades will guarantee a neat trim on your lawn for every landscaping session. The high lift enables the blades to work well under moist conditions too.


  • Offers dynamic range of features
  • Compatible with most mowers
  • Powerful
  • Ideal for heavy duty work


  • Not curved at a perfect angle for mulching

My verdict

After moths of use, I can confirm that the Oregon 396-787 kubota G6 gator blades are ideal for my lawn. These gator blades are high lift, which means that they can cut your lawn even when some patches are wet or moist. The blades are powerful, and will only need one cut to ensure a neat trim. The will help you cut down the time it takes to mow your lawn, as well as ensure a decent appearance every time. The hardened jagged edges cut the grass into much smaller pieces than regular blades, with the powerful engine helping to discharge the clippings further than other blades. These G6 blades will help change the way you mow your lawn!

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