Copperhead Mulching Blade Review – Which blades are suitable for various mowing functions?

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Copperhead blades can be great for your mower. They are specifically designed for mulching, and are curved upwards to help create a circular aerodynamic flow. The blades are also hardened through an austempering process that makes them tougher than other blades. They are also efficient even for large tracts of land. This copperhead mulching blade review will help provide information on the best available blades for your lawn.


I have a large back yard which has been divided into segments. I plant organic fruits and vegetables on a large part, as well as rear a number of dairy cows. I have about half an acre of lawn around my house. I like to keep the grass trim and healthy, so I spend a fair amount of time each week mowing. I had some trouble with the standard mower blades as they were not powerful enough to help me mow my whole lawn. The blades made mulching difficult, as I had to manually deposit the bagged clippings back onto the lawn. I looked into this copperhead mulching blade review and found the perfect set of blades.


  Rotary 11233 PK2
Can Mulch yes
Hardened Yes
Universal fit yes
rating 4.0


Rotary 11233 PK2 Copperhead Mulching Blades

The rotary 11233 PK2 set of 2 blades is austemper hardened for durability. It is thick , which makes it ideal for tough lawns. The copperhead mulching blades are suitable for most mowers, and are easy to fix. They will keep your lawn looking healthy and neat, thanks to the mulching capability.


These blades are not as powerful as gator blades. They are lower as well, which means that they are less powerful. This may impact their performance in wet conditions. However, the blades are sturdy and designed for mulching. They are also hardened, ensuring performance over a long period of time.

Aerodynamic lift

The blades are curved upwards, which provides your mower with a cyclic aerodynamic flow. Once the grass is inside the deck, it is circulated along with air until it is completely broken down by the blades. As a result, the blades are ideal for mulching.


These blades are easy to fix on your mower. They are universal, which means that they are compatible with most mowers available. The blades require a few minutes to install. They are sold while sharp, which reduces the workload before mowing.


  • Can be used for mulching
  • Hardened for durability
  • Easy to install
  • Sharpened and ready to use
  • Compatible with most mowers
  • Comes in a set of 2 for convenient replacement


  • May not work well in wet conditions
  • Not the most powerful blades available
  • Lower lift than gator blades


My verdict

I have noticed changes in the performance of my John Deere mower since I installed the rotary 11233 PK2 Copperhead mulching blades. Aside from their easy installation and universal fit, these blade are also thicker than most blades. They are harder too, which means that they will guarantee long term performance even on lawns that require heavy duty input. Since I took up the rotary 11233 PK2 set of copperhead mulching blades, I have not had any trouble keeping my large lawn looking neat.

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