Copperhead blades vs gator blades – Which blades are better for regular mowing

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Mowing tendencies can help you determine the best blades.. Certain blades are designed for powerful performance, and may only need to be used sparingly. Other mower blades are hardy and ideal for progressive use. This copperhead blades vs gator blades review compares the two types of blades to determine the best one for regular landscaping.


I am a 35 year old divorced father of one. The shared custody terms have allowed my 6-year old son to stay over two nights a week. When Jack comes over, he spends a lot of time playing sports in the yard with his friends. Since I have enough time, I make sure to mow the lawn before he comes over.

During the first month, Jack often complained about uneven patches ruining the flow of the game. I picked up regular mowing, but had to sharpen my blades after every few days of work.I looked into copperhead blades vs gator blades, to find out whether I was using the right blades.


  Copperhead Blades Gator Blades
Edges Jagged Jagged
Austemper Hardened Yes No
High lift No Yes


Copperhead blades

Copperhead blades are some of the sharpest mower blades available. They are austemper hardened to increase the blade life. Copperhead blades are tested for safety, quality and efficiency through tests such as the Rockwell Hardness Standards.


These blades have precision-sharpened edges for clean cuts. They are curved upwards, to increase the contact between the blades and grass. These blades also create an aerodynamic lift which distributes the grass clippings evenly inside the deck. This results in lower power consumption.


The jagged blades are extra sharp for a precision cut. They will guarantee optimal performance over long amounts of time because the blades are sharp and hardened. They are also designed to fit your mower’s teeth perfectly, which prevents any vibration that may result in wear and tear.


  • Hardened steel for extended life
  • Precision sharpened blades
  • Efficient


  • Not powerful

Gator blades

These are powerful high lift blades with jagged edges, which are ideal for a consistent cut regardless of the weather conditions. They are easy to sharpen, and guarantee long-term performance.


The blades are lifted, to provide a clean cut throughout your lawn under whichever conditions. They also have wings, which help to generate a greater aerodynamic lift towards the disposal chute. Gator blades are also designed to be compatible with most mowers.


Gator blades are powerful. They lift and cut your lawn’s grass regardless of its moisture and thickness levels. The suction force may pull foreign objects such as rocks into the disposal chute, which may cause harm to nearby persons if the mower is uncovered.


  • Powerful
  • Efficient performance


  • Might eject foreign objects through the chute


The verdict

Gator blades are powerful and efficient. However, copperhead blades are better for regular mowing. Even though they are less powerful than gator blades, they are specially designed to ensure efficient performance with little power consumption. While other brands may succumb to wear, copperhead blades will last longer because of austempering hardening.


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