Best Yard Waste Bags

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Best Yard Waste Bags

They say dirt is only matter in the wrong place. So, if you are not feeling your yard right now, take out your yard waste bag and let’s bin the dirt.

But just in case you have none, we have rounded up the best yard waste bags to assist you to put the spark back into your yard.

Vremi 30 Gallon Pop Up Garden Bag - Reusable Gardening Lawn and Leaf Bags - Collapsible Canvas Portable Yard Waste Bag with Drawstring Top – Gree​

Our best yard waste bag is both reusable and easy to store. It takes the cup in the looks department and not only can it handle a significant amount of yard waste it is as durable as they come too.

GardenMate 3-Pack 72 Gallons Garden W​hoIf​​​aste Bags

These giant yard bags are made of environmentally friendly polypropylene and are foldable too. You will love how easy they are to maintain and their durability. What’s more, they come in packs of three.

Plasticplace 95 Gal Trash bags, Black, 2 Mil, 61x68, 25 Bags per Case

These plastic bags are the real deal when it comes to keeping your trash can clean and odorless. We love their colossal size and impermeability.

Husky 39g 1m Drawstring Yard Bag Clear

The only clear bag contender on our list and we love these clear 39-gallon yard bags for their versatility. They are fit for any use you can think of; trash or storage.

Leaf Mate Paper Bag Funnel

This gadget is the perfect helpmate to your paper yard bag. No need to chase around the leaves around your yard on a windy day. Just use the LeafMate funnel to direct yard waste into a paper bag without breaking a sweat.

1. Vremi 30 Gallon Pop Up Garden Bag - Reusable Gardening Lawn and Leaf Bags - Collapsible Canvas Portable Yard Waste Bag with Drawstring Top – Green

First of all, we love the name Bagabon. “Honey, have you seen my Bagabon”? Yes, she has and has already commandeered it for her laundry! Why? Because this reusable yard bag looks so cool in its heavy-duty oxford fabric, you'd think it ready to go out on a date!

Our favorite feature on this Vremi is its collapsible body. This massive 30-gallon bag can fold down from a whopping 48 inches height when open, to a measly 3 feet when down.  It is so easy to store.

We love that its fabric is reinforced with steel, to ensure that no twigs will poke through it. Also, its, hard plastic base gives it much needed stability, keeping it upright as you stuff leaves and twigs into it. The hard bottom ensures that if the kids drag it to the trash box, it will not easily rip.

The folks at Vremi thought of the minutest of details, and we love it. For example, the hard plastic bottom has holes that let out water, from the yard trash or just in case it’s been rained on.  Its drawstrings too ensure that once it’s full you can pull them tight to keep the leaves from spilling out.

What we like

•    Four secure handles at the top and bottom for portability

•    Multifunctional and can be used for laundry, storage or trash

•    Attractive colors that blend in with the environment

•    Free garden gloves with purchase

What we do not like

•    A little too wide to line it with trash bags

2. GardenMate 3-Pack 72 Gallons Garden Waste Bags

These reusable German machines come in packs of three huge garden bags, which is our favorite feature about them. In addition to their rich manufacturing heritage, we love that these can handle any dirt ranging from voluminous shrubs, stems, and grass to massive landscaping leftovers.

The most common for domestic use is the large and high 72-132 and the smaller 16-32 gallons respectively.  These can lug about a maximum 120lbs per bag.  Not only are they large but also very durable.

One excellent feature we are excited about is the environmentally friendly polypropylene that constitutes them, which accords them superpowers like water resistance and repellency and tear resistance.

These giants have a flexible hoop that is woven into the top seam of each bag to keep it open and stable. We love too that they are easily washable once muddy. And guess what, they are foldable also for easy storage; just take out the flexible hoop, then fold.

What we like

•    Super sturdy handles at the top and the bottom making them easy to carry

•    100% cash refund if unsatisfactory

•    They can be multifunctional for use in laundry or storage or groceries that cause condensation

What we do not like

•    The flexible hoop is not pleasant to thread through the seam of the bag

3. Plasticplace 95 Gal Trash bags, Black, 2 Mil, 61x68, 25 Bags per Case

Now if you do not like cleaning out large globs of putrefying matter and bacteria thriving at the bottom of your trashcan, meet your BFF. These 25 a case, 95-gallon disposable trash bags are the perfect sheath for your rollaway can.

We love that they lessen odor build up with their odor control feature and are at least 2mm thick. This thickness makes the bags durable. For the seals, the makers utilize a multiple reinforced gusset seam, which gives them superior leak resistance. 

You should purchase rubber bands or use a bungee cord to hold them in the can’s mouth, to prevent them from sliding inside it.

What we like

•    Perfect fit for extra large trash cans

•    Super thick

What we do not like

•    They come folded in a box, and it’s not easy to pull one out

4. Husky 39g 1m Drawstring Yard Bag Clear

The unique feature of these 39-gallon size yard bags is that they are clear…well, almost. They came handy in many cities where opaque black trash bags have been phased out.

We love that these Husky yard bags come with drawstrings, to tie them up once full and prevent the spilling out of trash. They are one mil thick though, which is less thickness than their counterparts. Due to this factor, they tear easily.

This product is also great for organizing and storage of items around your home. You will love that unlike other yard-turned-storage-bags, you can easily see what’s inside the bag without opening it up. What’s more? You can use a marker to label the bag.

What we like

•    Value for money and affordable

•    Attractive and less intrusive to décor than black bags

What we do not like

•    Drawstrings not durable

5. Leaf Mate Paper Bag Funnel

Remember that one windy day you threw in your hand because you could not get the leaves off the yard into your trash bag? Well, your dismal failure at leaf collection resulted from your lack of a LeafMate paper bag funnel.

This inventive design will help you fill a 30-gallon paper bag with yard waste in a jiffy. It ensures that the bag keeps open, upright and stable. We especially love that it will help prevent the puncturing and ripping of the bags by twigs and sticks.

We love that it is lightweight and effortless to use too. Just flip it upside down and slide your bag over it. Once done, wiggle it out and voila!

You will love that this pop-up paper bag funnel can be collapsed and stored easily once used, unlike other funnel designs. It also more sturdy and will last longer, since it’s made of heavy duty water resistant fabric.

What we like

•    Great for vacuuming directly into a paper bag

•    Offer great convenience and value for money

What we do not like

 •    Is circular while most yard paper bags have a rectangular opening


Yard waste bag type


Vremi 30 Gallon Pop Up Garden Bag - Reusable Gardening Lawn and Leaf Bags - Collapsible Canvas Portable Yard Waste Bag with Drawstring Top – Green


Re-usable, collapsible


GardenMate 3-Pack 72 Gallons Garden Waste Bags


Re-usable, collapsible


Plasticplace 95 Gal Trash bags, Black, 2 Mil, 61x68, 25 Bags per Case


One use, plastic


Husky 39g 1m Drawstring Yard Bag Clear


One use, plastic


Leaf Mate Paper Bag Funnel


Re-usable, collapsible


How to purchase the best yard waste bag

A good yard waste bag is a collection of several useful features like the ones listed below;

1.    Durability

Most bags will need to hold up against prickly branches and stems as well as moisture laden grass and leaves. A good bag needs to have high levels of water impermeability and sturdiness. Your kids might also find it easier to drag them to the trash can when heavy, so they should have a nice plastic hard bottom for roughhousing.

2.    Size

Yard waste is voluminous at most, and you want bags that will hold as much as possible before garbage collection day. Ensure that you check on gallon size before purchase to avoid regrets.

3.    Storage

An excellent yard bag is reusable, and since that requires storage, it should be collapsible or foldable.

4.    Attractive

An attractive yard bag should fit right into any environment or interior décor and not stand out like a sore thumb. This feature will also make it multifunctional


We love the Vremi Bagabon not only for its fancy name but its heavy-duty oxford reinforced steel material. In matters size, it’s high up there with the rest, and it’s fantastic on storage. Last but not the least it’s the looker amongst these five great yard bags and with both functionality and aesthetics conquered, we are not surprised that it’s both our best yard waste bag and a best seller.

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