Best Sprinkler Heads for Your Garden

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Maintaining your yard’s curb appeal involves watering your plants just right. You do not want to drown your plants nor bake them in the summer sun.

The best sprinkler heads for your garden have to ensure that all of your babies receive equal hydration with minimal wastage. The endless choices in the market can make any gardener’s head spin, so we have rounded up the best five to assist you to make your decision.

 Hunter PGP Rotor Pop up Sprinkler Heads

These heads are our top pick because they seem poised to outlast any other pop up head sprayer on the market. Full brownie points scored too for their innovative, easy to use and replace mechanism.

Rain Bird 5000 Pop up Rotor Sprinkler Heads

Designed with water dispersal efficiency in mind, these will assist your keep the planet green and your water bill healthy.

Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler

Its design has outlasted time and innovation, and it's still one of the best head sprayers ever made. Its durable chassis outshines all other sprayer heads in the market.

Rain Bird 32SA/4PKS Simple Adjust 32SA Pop up Gear Drive Rotor

A perfect combination of value and water efficiency all rolled up into one neat package.  They are proof that good sprinkling heads do not to have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Orbit H2O-6 Gear Drive Sprinkler

These little warriors cover both large and small garden spaces like a boss. They are guaranteed to give you the smoothest run but not for the longest time.


Reviews of the best sprinkler heads for your yard

1. Hunter PGP-adj Rotor Pop up Sprinkler Heads

The Hunter PGP has been described by users as the epitome of simplicity and durability making it our favorite pop up sprinkler head. 

This water-lubricated gear drive rotor sprinkler has been re-engineered since 1981 to give you the perfect water dispersion system, in 4, 6 and 12 inch pop up heads. You can adjust the nozzles to any angle between 50 to 360 degrees.

The flo-stop feature is perfect for those moments you’d like to stop water flow to one head, either to fix it or just keep some areas of your yard dry.

 We love the extra large water filter screens, which allow you utilize water with bits of debris in it. This feature, we feel is the real yardstick of durability in pop-up heads. There is a nozzle adjustment tool too making it super easy to adjust or replace nozzles, old or new.

What we like

•    No malfunctioning valves, heads or leakage due to heavy duty pressure activated riser

•    Great hunter warranty program

•    Best for low-pressure water use

What we don’t like

•    No internal pressure check valves for sloppy garden use

2. Rain Bird  5000 Rotor Pop up Sprinkler Heads

If your yard resembles a patchy quilt work of dry and green spots, then we have found your secret weapon; the Rain Curtain Nozzle Technology feature installed in these heads. 

This great feature causes the nozzles to produce wind resistant large water droplets, in a uniform spray pattern. The nozzles are adjustable to any angle between 40-360 degrees.

We love that they put measures in place to curb unnecessary losses; a locking riser mechanism to prevent theft, and an inbuilt lightning surge protector.

 With an excellent feature like the Smart Timer feature, I wouldn’t have had that one episode where I found my sprinkler running on a rainy afternoon. It senses weather changes and shuts down when need be.

What we like

  • •    Self-aligning nozzles
  • •    Simple design
  • •    Heavy duty retraction system for durability

What we don’t like

  • •    No adjustment tool provided

3. Rain Bird 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler

This sprinkler head is Rainbird’s original impact sprinkler first patented in 1933 and improved with time to give you the classic tick-tock impact sprinkler sound renowned world over.

What is its most excellent feature?  Its sturdy brass, bronze, and stainless steel build. This head can do without filtered water. Throw any water source at it; whether pond or well, it will do just fine.

It has a 360 degrees spray arc, spraying water to up to 41 feet! This head can cover the largest of yards. With such stamina also comes the need for a water pressure PSI above 50, to get it going.

It is not cute that this workhorse will impede little feet and lawn mowers alike, being above ground. It can also be annoyingly noisy in residential areas.

What we like

•    Easy to install and use

•    Will fit in any pipe, so no accessories needed

•    Great for large yards

What we don’t like

•    Sometimes, it will not oscillate as expected

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4. Rain Bird 32SA/4PKS Simple Adjust 32SA Gear Drive Rotor Pop up heads

These pop-ups are excellent value for money.  Equipped with Rainbird’s Rain Curtain Technology, these produce large water droplets and are guaranteed to keep your yard uniformly watered.

They are perfect for small irregular shaped lawns watered on a budget. Just adjust the nozzles to any angle between 40-360 degrees and your yard is good to go. We especially love their 4” pop up size. It’s the perfect grass clearance height.

What we like

•    Protected closed case design great for rocky, sandy soil, and creeper plants

•    Works great in low-pressure systems

What we don’t like

•    Nozzles not easy to adjust

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5. Orbit H2O-6 Gear Drive Sprinkler

This unique, ambitious little gadget is our last but not least choice. It has six spray patterns that enable it to water both large and small yards alike, covering an arc radius of between 15 to 30 feet.

We love that it’s the most silent head on our list. This great feature is made possible by its plastic gears but is also its primary shortcoming. It doesn't seem to last quite as long as its contemporaries.

It is unique in that it’s not a pop-up head so it should be much easier to install and link up with other heads in your yard.

What we like

  • •    Low-pressure usage of 15 to 65 PSI
  • •    Flow through spike base

What we don't like

  • •    Not repairable
  • •    Hard to adjust

Factors to consider when purchasing a sprinkler head

The size, design of your yard, soil, slope and type of plants are critical when buying sprinkler heads. Remember while moisturizing is paramount, reduction of water wastage is too.

Research from the EPA shows that over 30% of the water used in a household, is spent on outdoor usage and 50% of it is lost to the elements due to wasteful delivery systems.  So how do you purchase them right the first time round?

Get the right kind of sprinkler head for your yard size and achieve water efficiency. There are three major types of sprinkler heads for different yard sizes as listed below;

Impact Drive rotor sprinkler heads

Classic sprinkler head with the typical ticking sound heard in parks and golf courses. These are the hardiest of sprinkler heads due to their traditional bronze and brass chassis. Their mechanism works by literally hitting a spray of water under pressure with a swinging mechanical arm to distribute it.

Ideal for:

  • Large spaces as they have an arc radius ranging from 40 to 360 degrees. They work best underwater PSI of 25 to 50.
  • Short grass only yards and turf.
  • Yards that utilize unfiltered water with debris or hard water.

Not ideal for:

  • Yards that need constant mowing as the whole apparatus is above ground.
  • If multiple heads required, the rotor’s spring mechanism is too noisy for residential areas.
  • For dense tall grasses with stringers like Bermuda grass or shrubs as they will limit its motion

Gear-Driven Rotor sprinkler Heads

The full circle arc circular movement is supplied by gears in their systems that are powered by pressurized water.

Due to their slow rotation, they are best at water saving and allow ultimate water absorption in the soil. The heads have a filtration system that filters water.

Ideal for:

  • Residential areas with medium to large yards
  • Have an arc rotation of 40 to 360 degrees and require 25 to 75 psi water pressure
  • Precipitation rates of 0.2 to 0.8 inches per hour perfect for dense clay soils to prevent puddles and soil erosion.

Not ideal for

  • Yards that you cannot dig in deeper trenches for  piping

Pop-up spray heads

They pop up when a sprinkler system is activated and pop down on completion of watering. They are perfect for yards where children play as they will be out of the way. They also allow easy lawn mowing. 

For high-reaching plants, use shrubs (risers) which are cheaper than pop-ups. For the mid of a lawn, use the 360-degree setting, while for corners and edges use the 180 degrees or 90-degree arc spray.

Ideal for:

  • Budget water systems as least expensive of the sprinkler heads
  • Small to medium irregularly shaped yards
  • Sandy soils with turf

Not ideal for

  • Large yards
  • Tall foliage


The best sprinkler heads for your garden have to be water efficient, durable and affordable.  While we have reviewed some great products, the Hunter PGP-adj Rotor Pop up pop-up Sprinkler Headshave the perfect mix of these attributes. We recommend it to any gardener looking for the perfect sprinkler heads.

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