Best mulching blades for toro super recycler – Which replacement blades will reduce your workload when mulching?

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Stock blades for the toro super recycler are tough and made of good quality materials. There are some better alternatives available for this mower, which may serve you better than the stock toro blades. These aftermarket alternatives will help improve your efficiency and offer great cuts without any additional effort. Here are the best mulching blades for toro super recycler that you may consider.


I pickced up a used super recycler because I heard so much praise about the mower. I could only find a used set with worn out blades, so I had to replace them. At first, I planned to use the stock replacement blades for the recycler. However, my wife convinced me that I should look into mulching to help improve the health of our lawn. I researched on the internet for the best mulching blades for toro super recycler to look for great options within my price range. Here are some of the blades I found.

  Toro recycler 131-4547 Stens 340-066 PK2 USA replacement blade
Can mulch yes yes yes
Compatible with the super recycle yes yes yes
hardened yes no yes


Toro recycler 131-4547-03 mulching blades

The stock set of toro replacement blades are specially designed for mulching. They are curved upwards to provide the mower with a cyclic aerodynamic flow, which increases contact between the sharpened blade edges and the grass. These blades are easy to install as they are universally fitting, and require little maintenance. They are also hardened, which increases the lifespan of the blades.


  • Will result in a healthier lawn
  • Hardened for durability
  • Can be used to mulch leaves as well


  • Might be inefficient when wet
  • Not suitable for heavy duty work

Stens 340-066 PK2 mower blades

The Stens PK2 set of two blades is great for mulching. The blades are designed with a larger sharpened surface, which increases the contact point between the turf and mower blades. While the PK2 blades are not as hard as other blades, they are made of high quality materials which will offer long term service. These blades are ideal for dry turfs, and may streak when the grass is wet. Stens PK2 blades are easy to install, and will fit most similar sized mower decks.


  • Results in healthier lawn
  • Made of high quality materials


  • Not austemper hardened
  • Not suitable for heavy duty work
  • Might streak when the grass is wet

USA replacement mower blades

The USA replacement blades are made in the country. They are high quality blades, which are made with strong materials. These blades are hardened, to increase their life span. They are suitable for the toro super recycler, and are easy to install. These replacement blades will guarantee a clean cut on each patch, even when your turf is thick. They might not be as efficient on wet lawns.


  • Will improve the health of your turf
  • Powerful blades
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Works well on tough and thick grass


  • Not suitable for wet conditions

My verdict

The USA replacement mower blades helped to improve the performance of my toro super recycler. It cuts grass better than it did with the stock blades. The replacement blades are harder and stronger than other available blades, including the stock set for my toro super recycler. I enjoy working on the lawn because these blades guarantee a clean cut on every patch with only a single take. I can much with these blades too, and the health of my lawn has improved. The blades are also made of high quality materials, which increases their durability and effectiveness on tough lawns. They are the best mulching blades for toro super recycler available on the market.

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