Best mower blades for zero turn – Which mower blades can cut large volumes of grass evenly?

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Zero turn mowers have the deck placed in front of the mowers rather than below them. They can be pivoted on the back wheels without leaving a trail of uncut grass. Zero turn mowers are efficient and guarantee a great cut without much effort. These mowers are available with both push and riding options. Here are the best mower blades for zero turn mowers that will improve your mowing experience.


I found out about zero turn mowers through a homeowners workshop that is held annually. They discussed the great benefits of these mowers, including their ability to change direction without leaving tracts of grass uncut behind them. The fuel efficiency and performance guarantee that these mowers offer helped shaped my decision to get one. I purchased a new zero turn mower, but requested that they do not include the stock blades so that I could continue using my old blades. After a few months, the old blades wore out. I looked online to find the best mower blades for zero turn mowers.

  Husqvarna lawn mower blades Honda mower blade set for zero turn Toro 131-4547-03 super recycler blades
Universal fit yes yes yes
lift high high high
hardened no yes yes


Toro 131-4547-03 super recycler blades

The stock toro replacement blades are genuine and made of high quality materials. They are strong, and hardened for durability. They can be used for heavy duty work, but may require regular sharpening and maintenance.


  • Sharp jagged edges for a thorough cut
  • Easy to fit and install


  • Might require sharpening and maintenance
  • Not ideal for use on wet turfs

Honda mower blade set for zero turn

Honda’s zero turn blades are made of great quality materials, and are taken through an austmpering process to harden them. They will last for a very long time, and are suitable for heavy duty work. These blades are easy to install, and will fit most decks compactly. Their easy fit reduces any likelihood of vibrations, which might affect other components. They offer a great cut, and require little effort when mowing. They can also be used for mulching, but it is recommended to install a mulching kit for better performance.


  • Hardened for durability
  • Universal fit and easy to install
  • Does not streak when wet
  • Very strong blades
  • Can be used for heavy duty work


  • Is not ideal for mulching

Husqvarna lawn mower blades

These stock replacement blades for Husqvarna lawn mowers are suitable for other mowers as well, and are easy to install. They are made of great quality materials, and will provide good service. They are not suitable for heavy duty work such as grinding pines, but can be used when the lawn is wet. They are ideal for zero turn mowers because they have a large sharpened surface, which increases their efficiency and ability to cut through the grass quickly.


  • Great performance
  • Guarantees a clean cut even when wet
  • Jagged edges for a thorough cut in one try


  • Not hardened
  • Not ideal for heavy duty work

My verdict

The Honda mower blade set for zero turn mowers is the pick of the blades. It was very easy to install and fit my mower deck tightly. It does not vibrate when I mow, and produces very little noise. The blades are thicker and harder than most blades, which means that they are durable and great for heavy duty work.

They are also sharpened along more of the surface, making it easier to cut the grass evenly and in larger volumes. These blades have really reduced my work, with my mowing taking up to a whole hour less. I no longer have to re-do any patches, even when the turf is wet. I would recommend these high quality Honda replacement blades for everyone with a zero turn mower.

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