Best Mower Blades – Which set of blades will not streak when the grass is wet?

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The best mower blades offer convenience, a range of features and great overall performance. You should be able to cut your lawn evenly, quietly and quickly regardless of the weather. There are a number of different types of blades available, and you may choose one of mulching, standard, high lift and gator blades. This guide will help you determine the best mower blades.


As a new homeowner, I realized that I would need to take up landscaping as soon as I moved in. The house was beautiful, but looked rugged after a few weeks. I could not feel the curb appeal that had contributed to my purchase of the property. While the difference was only a mowed lawn, it was too big to ignore. I bought a used John Deere mower from a friend. Re-commissioning the machine was easy. However, the blades were worn out. I looked on the internet to find the best mower blades available.

  Oregon Garor Mulcher Honda Lawn Mower Blade set MR Mower Blades
thickness n/a .15 .14
Can mulch Yes yes yes
No of blades 1 2 2
Rating 4.3 4.8 4.2


Oregon gator Mulcher

These high lift blades are excellent for your mower. They combine a variety of functions, such as bagging, disposal and mulching for convenient work. They are tough and work great even on turfs with uneven growth and wet patches. The Oregon gator mulcher blades can be used for mulching. It is tilted upwards to create a circular aerodynamic lift, and has upwards-facing jagged edges which cuts the grass into smaller pieces. The powerful blades are universally fitting, ad will be compatible wit most decks.


  • Powerful
  • Strong material for heavy duty work
  • High lift increases aerodynamic suction for better cut
  • Easy to install
  • Works well in most weather conditions


  • Not tilted at perfect angle for mulching
  • Can be loud

Honda Lawn mower blade set

Honda’s replacement blade set is hard and strong, which means it will last for a long time. The great quality of material and good craftsmanship for this blade makes this Honda blade set a good choice for your mower. However, the lift is lower than the gator mulcher’s, which impacts its performance on wet turfs.


  • Great quality materials
  • Hardened for durability
  • Universal fit and easy to install


  • May streak on wet turfs
  • May require multiple cuts

MR Mower blades

These blades are made of great quality and are laser sharpened. The set of MR blades is easy to install as it is universal fit. The blades guarantee quality work on your lawn. However, they might not work efficiently on wet lawns as they do not have a high lift. These blades are also not suitable for heavy duty work, but can be used to grind leaves.


  • Universal fit
  • Guarantees a great cut
  • Made of high quality materials

Are silent


  • Not austemper hardened
  • May require additional work on wet turfs

My verdict

The Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-in-1 lawn mower blade is the pick of the bunch. It is ideal for multiple purposes, including mulching and bagging. While the angle is not as good as some of the best mulching brands available, the Gator Mulcher 3-in-1 offers powerful aerodynamic lift, which ensures a clean cut for all lawns. The jagged edges, which are curved upwards, ensure that the grass is cut into tiny sizes before it is deposited. The multiple functionality of these blades make them perfect for use on all lawns and through any season. These blades also have additional perks such as their ease of installation, extra hardening and high brand quality. I would recommend these blades for anyone seeking a durable and efficient set of mower blades.


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