Best Lawn Mower Blades

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Best Lawn Mower Blades

The same way working in your kitchen with a blunt knife is time consuming and frustrating is exactly how you’ll feel if you try chopping grass using dull blades.

There are countless models available on the current market and selecting one to suit your specific needs can be quite tiring. That’s why we have taken it onto ourselves to do the hard part for you.

Starting with the Honda 72531which offers incredibly sturdy 21-inch steel blades to tackle your grass to the MaxPower 561739, an American brand which has been in the machinery market for years, we shall take an in-depth look into 5 different blades from different brands.

Other models we are going to consider include the Rotary High Lift -Replacement Blade, which in our opinion is the perfect fit for anyone operating larger mowers. Then we shall move on to the Toro 79016P which we believe is highly affordable and suitable for anyone working with a tight budget.

Finally, the Husqvarna 532406713 will provide you with great value for your money as it operates in a quiet yet swift manner. Let’s take a closer look at our top picks:

Review of the Best Lawn Mower Blades

Comparison Table

Product Name


Blade Set

Editor’s Thoughts

Where To Buy

2 blade

Works exceptionally well and fits multiple mower models

2 blade

If you want unmatchable performance, then this is just what you need

3 blade

Could be better but for the price, we think this model holds up pretty well

2 blade

If you are working on a tight budget and want something long-lasting, then consider this set


1 blade

Affordable, will keep your lawn neat

1. Honda 72531-VH7-000+72511-VH7-000 

Honda is a brand well known for making quality and durable blades. The thing we love most about these blades is that they are specifically made to fit 2010 and newer HRX217 walk-behind mower models.

Furthermore, these blades are incredibly sharp allowing you to have cleaner and quicker cuts. This will making mowing an easier task as there is no going back and forth.

Many of us wish to purchase blades which are sharp from the get-go and hopefully remain so even after multiple usages. Nobody wants to constantly sharpen their mower blades – and we think this is one of the reasons why this set sells out so fast.

From past reviews, it is clear that many people praise the sharpness durability of the Honda mower blades – a plus in our books!

Aside from sharp blades, we loved their thickness. Thickness equals durability as these mower blades will be less prone to breakage or damage if they accidentally hit rough rocks or any tough debris.

What We Liked

  • Extended 21-inch blade surface which offers more trimming coverage
  • The blades are amazingly sharp and thick
  • Durable
  • They are easy to install and just as easy to use

What we Didn’t Like

  • Made only to fit certain Honda models

2. MaxPower 561739

Made in the US, MaxPower is a trusted brand with an impressive history of manufacturing some of the most robust and durable machinery and these blades are no different. Made to fit a 46-inch Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, or MTD mower, they are our top pick based on their overall performance.

This 46 inch set is able to cover wider areas at once, allowing you to clip your grass in a shorter duration of time. Aside from this, we especially loved the high lift and throw. If you are operating a bagger lawn mower, then you’ll definitely enjoy this feature.

You do not want to be stuck with heavy blades as they will not only slow your mower down but they will also spin slower, meaning you’ll have to spend more time cutting up grass under the scorching sun.

Well, with the MaxPower blades, you need not worry about this because the set weighs a mere 4.8 pounds. Do not let this fool you though; these cutters will chop down anything standing in their way.

What We Liked

  • Made by a trusted American brand that produces quality products
  • Solid construction
  • Well priced
  • East to install and use

What we Didn’t Like

  • Require a lot of sharpening

3. Rotary High Lift -Replacement Blade 

Made to replace Poulan, Craftsman and Husqvarna mower blades, this set is made using tough heat-treated high carbon steel material which does not break or rust. When given a little bit of TLC, you’ll be able to enjoy years of usage without needing any replacement

Do you operate larger mowers? Then you are in luck because we think this is the set to consider. The blades are 18.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide, with a thickness of 0.24 inches. They work well with most model mowers.

Not yet impressed? Well this set is inclusive of a 5 point star hole mounting to help you install it without much strain. Aside from this, they have a high tilt that will do exceptionally well while clipping and bagging, making them one of the best lawn mower blades currently available.

What We Liked

This is a 3set

You’ll be amazed by how well it performs

Operates in a quiet manner (not to say that it’s 100% silent, but when compared to other mower blades, the noise is quite minimal.)

What We Didn’t Like

Does not perform well when on thick grass

Tends to clog up when tackling wet grass

4. Toro 79016P 

Are you looking to replace blade number 79016P on your 50-inch cutting deck from Toro's TimeCutter Z models 2007 and above? Then this review is for you.

Made from high quality steel material, these mower blades offer incredible performance. Have you ever purchased mower blades only to have patches of grass left off meaning you have to go over the same spot two or three times before it’s clipped to your satisfaction?

If yes, then we hear you. Toro makes very precise clean cuts regardless of how rough a certain area is. What we mean is; roots and rocks will not deter Toro from its primary mission! These blades will simply keep on clipping and take on the abuse from hitting pebbles and gravels on the grass without giving in to wear and tear.

Furthermore, their 21 inch coverage edges are pretty sharp so beware when walking past your parked mower. One thing we liked about them is the interesting curved design which provides more lift than what you get from most other blades.

What We Liked

  • Durable steel construction
  • Unique curve to give more lift
  • Easy to mount on
  • Ultra sharp blades

What We Didn’t Like


5. Husqvarna 532406713 

As earlier mentioned, our 22-inch Husqvarna is a replacement blade which we believe offers the best value for your money.

This blade works exceptionally well with many different mower brands, and it comes backed by a one year warranty in case of defects you can claim a replacement.

Moreover, the blade comes pre-sharpened, to ready use. With width of 2.5 inches, you can be sure it won’t thin out fast after countless sharpening sessions over the years.

One of the reasons why we think this is one of the best lawn mower blades is because it can be used on just any lawn mower model which supports a 22-inch blade. It’s a versatile piece that will accommodate a variety of mowers.

Finally, we were impressed to see how many positive customer reviews it had based on its performance and durability.

What We Liked

  • Can be used on many mower models – visit the provided link for a detailed compatible list
  • Comes backed by a one-year warranty
  • Fast shipping
  • Easy to install and user-friendly as well

What We Didn’t Like

  • Struggles with longer grass – if your lawn has been unattended for a long duration of time, we would suggest you start off with MaxPower 561739 and use Husqvarna when grass is not too long

How to Clean Lawn Mower Blades

If you cut your grass regularly, chances are that your blades are dirty or clogged up and in dire need of some thorough cleaning. Handling sharp tools requires precaution from your end. To safely clean your sharp blades, please exercise some precaution and safety.

Here is our simple step-by-step guide on how to clean your lawn mower blades:

  • Wear heavy safety gloves to protect your hands as you’ll be handling sharp objects- it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Empty the gas tank and make sure your mower is unplugged from the power source. NOTE: It’s very important that it’s unplugged as we’ll be using water. If gas tank is not emptied, you are likely to spill oil on your beautifully manicured garden, which is something we want to avoid.

NOTE: To avoid spillage, tilt your lawn mower and lay it down on its side.

  • Next, take a hose and spray down the housing and the blade to get rid of loose grass and debris. Use high pressure water to detach all debris from your mower.
  • Take a stiff brush and scrub out any clingy dirt that is hard to get rid of.
  • Using a long ratchet wrench, remove blade from the housing– use wrench only when advised to do so in the equipment manual.
  • Wipe the blade thoroughly on all sides - you may want to sharpen the blade while at it. A whetstone will suffice to achieve a sharp blade. Alternatively, you can take your blade your local gardening store to get it sharpened at a small fee.
  • When blade is sharp and clean, apply a thin coat of vegetable oil before reattaching it to mower. The oil will prevent grass from sticking to the blade and make it easy to clean in the future.
  • Reassemble your mower by reattaching the blade. Make sure it well tightened. Lift it from the curb to an upright position. Reconnect the spark plug wire and fill your tank with gas.
  • Your mower is now ready for use.

Final Thought

While we all love well-polished and well- manicured lawns, achieving this result requires much effort from your end. This is why arming yourself with the best lawn mower blades is of high importance.

Our best model is the MaxPower 561739. This model not only swiftly clips grass but it also operates in a somewhat quiet manner, it’s affordable, easy to install, and user-friendly.

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