Best lawn mower blades for bagging – Which blades guarantee a clean cut even on uneven patches?

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The best lawn mower blades for bagging will help cut your grass and your mowing time. These blades are efficient, and will require only one take on every patch of your turf. They should also be durable and hardy, and fit for heavy duty work. These blades should be multifunctional, to help with different aspects of mowing.


I have very little time to mow my lawn, as I travel for my work. I mow it around two times every month. This often means that when I mow the lawn, my grass has had a long time to grow. Mowing thick and tall grass can be tedious because you may need to collect it later. I researched what my neighbors were doing to reduce their mowing time. They advised me on different options that they considered the best lawn mower blades for bagging. I compared these blades on the internet and here is what I found.


  Greenworks 29172 MTD 942-0741 MaxPower 331740S
Lift standard standard high
Can bag clippings yes yes yes
Can mulch no no yes


Greenworks 29172 replacement mower blades

These blades work well on different mower decks, and are easy to install. They are great replacement blades, and guarantee a clean cut due to their large sharpened surface. While they are not powerful, these blades are made of high quality materials which improves their ability to serve for a long time. They are great for bagging, as they produce a strong suction force that draws cut grass into the chute. These blades are not austemper hardened, and may not be recommended for heavy duty work.


  • Great performance
  • Powerful set
  • Sharpened along more of its surface to cut better
  • Easy to install and fits most mowers


  • Not hardened
  • Not ideal for heavy duty work

MTD 942-0741 replacement mower blades

Like the greenworks set of replacement blades, these blades are great for bagging. They offer a clean cut, with the clippings sucked into the chute or bag. They are made of high quality materials, and are very strong. These blades are powerful, even though they are not the most powerful set of blades available. However, they are very cost and energy efficient, which makes them a great option. They are also not suited for heavy duty work because they are not austemper hardened.


  • Easy to install
  • Fits compactly in most mower decks
  • Cuts down clippings into much smaller size for easier disposal


  • Not ideal for heavy duty work
  • Not as powerful

MaxPower 331740S lawn mower blade

These blades are powerful, and offer a great cut in all conditions. They have a high lift, which enables efficient performance even on wet lawns. They are strong, and easy to install. When properly fitted, these blades do not vibrate. They will not ruin your mower’s components due to excessive shaking.


  • Great performance
  • Guarantees clean cut with one take
  • High lift for efficient cut even in wet conditions
  • Universal fit and easy to install


  • Not tilted at perfect angle for mulching

My verdict

Maxpower’s 331740S replacement lawn mower blade is the best blade for bagging. It offers a clean cut every time due to its great quality materials. It is also very sharp, and is hardened for longer life. The high lift ensures that this blade will work well in all conditions. These blades will give your lawn a clean and even cut even if your grass has new and uneven growth. Since I installed the maxpower blades, which only took me a short while because they are so easy to install, I have not had any trouble bagging my clippings. I do not need to spend any more time taking care of my lawn than I should, thanks to these efficient and multifunctional replacement blades.

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